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HUMAN8 Appoints Chief Portfolio Officer

Human8, a prominent consultancy known for its human-centric approach, has announced the appointment of Amy Perifanos as its new Global Chief Portfolio Officer (CPO). This strategic move signals a renewed focus on refining and expanding the company’s service offerings, further solidifying its position as a positive and impactful change leader.

Perifanos, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the consultancy field, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role. Before joining Human8, she served as Vice President of Commercial Solutions for North America at Gongos, a Human8-owned consultancy. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in transforming the organization from a traditional market research firm into a dynamic consultancy.

As CPO, Perifanos will spearhead the development and growth of Human8’s global portfolio. This includes curating innovative solutions that empower brands to understand, engage with, and implement strategies that resonate with their customers and key stakeholders. Furthermore, she will play a crucial part in fostering organizational leadership development, equipping Human8 consultants with the tools and skills needed to tackle present and future client challenges.

Human8 CEO Camille Nicita commended Perifanos’ appointment, stating, “Amy’s proven track record of success, deep understanding of the consultancy landscape, and strong commitment to positive change make her an ideal candidate for this vital role. We are confident that her leadership will be instrumental in shaping the future of Human8 and driving our continued growth.”

Perifanos’ appointment aligns with Human8’s unwavering commitment to human-centered values and the pursuit of positive change. Her extensive experience and leadership qualities position her well to navigate the dynamic consultancy landscape and empower Human8 to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

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