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Improve the diversity of your workplace

Improve the diversity of your workplace

Diversity is imperative for almost every industry today. Your workplace should accurately reflect the composition of the company. Decades of research have shown an inherent link between diversity and innovation, solid values​​, and a psychologically safe environment. Within these cultures, authenticity and respect can thrive, allowing teams to work together and work better in an inclusive atmosphere.

Achieving diversity is not only the right thing but also a smart thing. Homogeneity breeds mediocrity. For example, a McKinsey report found that top-quartile companies were 33% more likely to outperform their less diverse competition due to workforce diversity. It has been evident that companies with a diverse workforce have a clear and competitive advantage. But how does this work?

Having a variety of jobs has many advantages. It can help your company attract more candidates during the hiring process, improve your business’s financial results, encourage innovation, and also increase employee engagement. But establishing a diverse workplace doesn’t happen overnight. This is a deliberate process that takes time, resources, and patience.

We will help you get started with these few recommendations.

  1. Building a culture of inclusion

It’s nature’s tendency for people to be attracted to other people who are similar to them—but building a culture of inclusion requires employees to interact with people beyond the comfort zone. This lets your organization be the place where traits such as openness, diversity of opinion, and a willingness to be vulnerable are valued.

Human resources teams can encourage employees to engage with people who love, usually can’t communicate – even when your company is remote. Employee resource groups can help create a gathering space for people throughout the organization.

  1. Look for shared values

Encouraging organizations to take the time to recognize company values ​​that are important to them can be the first step. It can be anything from integrity to empathy to responsibility. Once you have identified these values, they should be included in every aspect of the hiring and recruitment process. It is vital to establish a company culture that puts shared values ​​first – not a specific type of person, age group, or demographic category.

  1. Coaching Leaders in Relevant Skills

Leadership training that emphasizes no criminal record, self-awareness, and communication can be an asset for promoting Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI). Trainers can also help managers and executives develop the skills needed to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. For example, trainers with prior knowledge of DEI can help leaders learn how to use inclusive language, manage different teams, resolve conflicts or difficult conversations, and overcome the Imposter syndrome – which is most common among minorities.

It takes time to establish a culture of diversity and get involved. Use these recommendations as a starting point, and you will eventually see the results in terms of retention, financial status, and engagement.

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