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In pursuit of Excellence | Rafael Dietsch

In pursuit of Excellence | Rafael Dietsch

Rafael Dietsch

CEO & Founder

What sets Rafael Dietsch, CEO & Founder of GenXC Group apart from other great leaders is his analytical and metric-driven mindset. Armed with a plethora of knowledge, Rafael has been immaculately analyzing the company’s expertise and presenting them in the best way possible to the clients. Being focus driven also assists him in leading his team towards greater heights, giving them an opportunity to enhance not only themselves but also the way they deal with the clients.

Rafael works relentlessly with his team, leading by example and encouraging and supporting innovation. No doubt, GenXC Group has been able to be ahead of the competition because they are constantly looking for the best tools for the job, and when they don’t exist, they innovate and create those tools. The company has several proprietary tools give it a competitive advantage over some of its competitors.

“I often tell our team; our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations. Simply delivering a project based on project specification is just not enough for me. Our customers are already paying us to deliver to their expectations! We need to push ourselves to go beyond those!” elucidates Rafael. “I don’t necessarily mean to go outside the project scope as this wouldn’t be fair to us, but this helps us close the next business, it is directly related to the effort of each team member and is important that they feel part of this effort.”

A Strong Leader

Rafael is a robust support system for the budding entrepreneurs who are trying hard to establish themselves. He is open to new partnerships with other companies and customers; in this way, he encourages them to the leap towards the success they always wanted. “I always say in my conversations that our partnerships are two-way, meaning that I encourage our partners to grow and expand with us and help our customers not only with the services we provide but also trying to drive new business opportunities for them,” explains Rafael. “I advise them that in any business is important to pay attention to the small changes in the industry. This allows leaders and companies to adapt to these changes and thrive as the market changes and evolves.”

According to the steadfast leader, being ahead in any industry takes a lot of dedication and is not easy. Leaders need to steer away from toxic business; in the long run, it is never a good investment and treat every customer (internal and external) with respect and be fair. This is key for long-term relationships and directly affects the team’s effectiveness.

Throughout his immense career, Rafael has learned the above and numerous leadership lessons he shares with everyone. “From my experience in the regulatory side, I learned that there is often more than one perspective to every problem. This undoubtedly made me a better leader as I’m always open to that other point of view. From my corporate experience, I was blessed to be a part of an organization that focus on getting the right data and support your ideas with data. This experience helped me strengthen that aspect which I learned from my career,” elucidates Rafael. “From my years in business, there is more than one way to make a business proposition a win-win situation for all parties involved. When you are doing business honestly, people can feel the difference and work with you to get you closer to that win-win scenario.” This means that there will be occasions where the business might not make sense and if that is the case and all scenarios have been on the table, then it is time to walk away from that opportunity because it is not a good fit for the company.

As Rafael states that success is not a lottery ticket; one must be consistent. Showing up every day, doing what is right, understanding the industry to the best of their possibility and only doing projects that make business sense. “This of course, is easier said than done! Especially at the beginning of a new business where you are probably focus on growing, it might feel that you need every single opportunity available, but the reality is that one bad opportunity can set your business back several years which is exactly the opposite you want to accomplish,” he says. “Make sure you have the right team for the job and that you partner with the right people and companies. Great opportunities with the wrong partnership are undoubtedly a recipe for disaster. It might look good at first but eventually these will fall apart.”

Building A Robust Organization

The cornerstone of GenXC Group is delivering high-quality engineering, construction and full turn-key services and industry-leading solutions geared toward streamlined processes and timely delivery to the clients. Their operations started in 2016, working with subcontracting firms in the field of Make-Ready Engineering (‘MRE’), Pole Loading Analysis (‘PLA’), and Fielding Surveying. After exceeding client expectations on projects in the southeastern United States, GenXC was invited to consult and head multiple projects, expanding across the continental United States – as far as California. Taking the company to complete projects in over 32 states in the US and internationally.

GenXC is in the telecommunications industry for the long haul and actively pursues the latest changes in standards to ensure that the teams have access to the latest programs available for Outside Plant Engineers and Construction teams. As a proud BICSI corporate member, the worldwide leader for cable design and installation standards, GenXC have access to their intensive knowledge database and assessments for Information & Communication Technology (ICTs) and partners with industry leaders to expand their knowledge base.

The most important tool GenXC use is its engineering brains. “One of the things that I admire most about Elon Musk and his teams is how they leverage technology that has become affordable but performs a task or function reliably and they use it creatively for tasks that otherwise will require a piece of equipment that is much more expensive,” illuminates Rafael. “We have a similar approach; we expand the use of multiple technologies and leverage our internal systems and combine all that information and make it useful for the rest of the team. This allows us to accelerate how information (hand-offs) is passed between team members effectively reducing the time and investment required to accomplish some of these milestones and the overall project. This allows us to provide a better service and keep our prices competitive.”

Innovative Solutions

GenXC offers innovative solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each business. Their range of solutions offers Omni and Multichannel experiences with detailed value-added analysis.

With engineers trained in the specifics of a project, GenXC understands what needs to be done to get a client’s project going without delays. From researching existing utilities and ROW information to looking up existing facilities that can be used before proposing new facilities, GenXC takes into account their customers bottom line in each design.

The company’s fielding team goes through an intensive training protocol before starting any project, and they leverage the best tools available at their disposal to generate accurate results. GenXC believes in using the right tool for the job from basic measuring wheels, laser range finders and ground penetrating radars (GPR). They have developed their own applications that allows them to create rules specifically for each customer to ensure the data is precisely what the customer requested.

GenXC also offers in-house project management, construction management and construction crews with experience in utilities construction (underground and aerial facilities), antenna and line installation, maintenance, equipment installation and commissioning, site civil clearing, fiber splicing and pole placing. Their experience and knowledge also include electrical services, grounding, permitting, as well as Power and Telco installation and coordination.

From the kick-off meeting all the way to project closing, GenXC provide their customers with a designated single point of contact that will keep them informed of the status of their projects and provide easy access to the information they need in a reduced timeframe. From recurring reports to on-demand research, we strive to provide an exceptional experience to their customers and always look forward to long-lasting partnerships.

GenXC makes it a point to work with their client’s specialist to define the features that need to be collected or verified in the field. They use this information to customize their fielding and GIS tools to ensure that the final output meets or exceeds their requirements. Once all the requirements are finalized, the team assigned to the project is updated on the specifics and proceeds to gather all the data following their exact needs. This ensures that GenXC collects all the information desired on the first try.

Due to the integration of several of their systems, GenXC can provide substantial analysis by correlating this data and then leverage it to provide the customers with additional meaningful information about their network or build that otherwise would not be possible. “Our integrated solution gives us the opportunity to give our customers something extra. We go ‘the extra mile’ for our customers.”

Surging towards A Bright Future

GenXC has implemented continuous education programs where training has become a part of the company culture. “We established GenXC University almost 5 years ago and has become a key ingredient for our success. It has evolved to practically its own entity. Part of our culture is to treat each other like family; this entity plays an essential role for our personal and professional growth,” says Rafael. “We encourage our team members to participate in these programs and when their direct leaders believe they will benefit from some of the classes they are assigned to them.” This also allowed many people to discover another company area where they are a better fit or would like to learn. Another important aspect is that although most of the training is focused on business, some of these programs are also dedicated to personal growth.

It has become GenXC’s goal to use six sigma strategies that help them identify process inefficiencies and eliminate defects by decreasing process variation. “We use an interesting approach; we leverage a lot of the six sigma tools with a twist to accelerate some of these results by customizing some of these tools to our business,” elucidates Rafael. “Everyone in a supervisory role is aware of the importance of understanding their respective metrics, their contributions to the project and the ultimate project goal. This is very important because this information feeds this set of tools that allows us to make the best possible business decision on every project real-time.”

Being ahead of the competition on the services, quality, and delivery times for GenXC projects. This has partly been possible due to their company culture of respecting everyone (like family) and not being afraid of innovation.

Rafael and his team are excited by their current opportunities and projects. The industry is exploding, and GenXC is well positioned to collaborate in complete turn-key projects for its customers. GenXC has carefully built the teams and tools they needed to support the customer’s projects with in-house resources completely. “This not only benefit our customers projects because we will always do the right thing for their projects and second because we control the quality and schedule. Leveraging our internal resources, we also keep costs reasonable for our customers,” says Rafael. “There is so much more to come, all we have to do is continue to deliver for our customers and adapt to the changes in the market needs.”

Rafael Dietsch Award

" We expand the use of multiple technologies and leverage our internal systems and combine all that information and make it useful for the rest of the team. "

Rafael Dietsch

GenXC Group

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