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Intuition can sometimes influence your role as a Leader; here’s how

Intuition, also known as “sixth sense”, is the ability to absorb information unconsciously. It’s important to note that intuition is neither pure instinct nor chaos. Intuition is the subtle voice that exists within all of us and guides us in the right direction. When leaders take the time to exercise their intuition, organizations benefit from a more holistic approach to solving problems. By accessing your intuition, you can hear the voice of your attention more clearly. At some point, we’ve all neglected our “feelings” and regretted them later. The business world is full of etiquette and unspoken rules. But your intuition gives you warning signals, and listening and acting often yields better results.

Speed up response time:

In a world where we all run out of time, speeding up decision-making can be a powerful force. Studies show that leading with intuition increases reaction time. That alone isn’t all that impressive, so the good news is that the same study found that “unconscious emotional information can increase accuracy and confidence.” You heard that right. Allow your instincts to guide you, and you’ll move more quickly and precisely. This can be an extremely useful quality for business owners and executives. But it’s crucial to stress that facts, processes, and data all play a part. The best results are usually obtained when intuition complements hard evidence.

Keeps you aligned:

When our mind tells us that something is a “better” choice, it’s easy to ignore that intuition. Deep in our hearts, we know it’s not. Following your intuition avoids the heartache of following a path that conflicts with your higher mission. If your intuition says something is wrong, it is.

Brings you closer to your ideal customer:

Data, history, and analytics can tell you a lot about your ideal customer. But no matter how much research you do, you can never know what your ideal client thinks. Unless, of course, you connect on a deeper level. Intuition brings us closer to the natural intelligence and flow of the universe. In this way, you can access information that seems to come out of nowhere. It’s just deep knowledge. This knowledge can also be extended to information about your ideal customer. Using our intuition allows us to serve our customers on a deeper level. Listen to your intuition when it tells you what people want. It knows more than you think.

Organizations generally have two types of leaders. One type of leader believes that they need to use their powers of observation to be creative in the workplace. The other type of leader wants to try something new by being intuitive and creative. Intuitive leaders are likely adventurers and learn more than those who don’t use their instincts. Honestly, intuitive people make great leaders because they are more competitive, faster, smarter, smarter, and more decisive than other leaders.

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