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Jumpcode Genomics, Takara Bio USA Announce Global Patent Deal

Jumpcode Genomics, a company focused on advancing genome technology, and Takara Bio USA, a subsidiary of Takara Bio Inc., have announced a strategic global partnership. This collaboration aims to resolve a previous patent dispute and leverage the combined intellectual property (I.P.) of both entities. The agreement centers on a critical technology for next-generation sequencing (NGS) known as targeted transcript depletion, which utilizes CRISPR to eliminate unwanted RNA sequences from biological samples.

Previously, both companies held patents on this technology: Jumpcode with U.S. Patent 11,708,606 and Takara Bio USA with U.S. Patent 10,150,985.  Their respective commercial offerings include Jumpcode’s DepleteX® and CRISPRclean® brands and Takara Bio USA’s ZapR technology.  By joining forces, both companies have granted cross-licensing agreements, enabling each other to utilize the other’s patented technology.  Financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed, but it is understood to involve royalty payments.

The core benefit of targeted transcript depletion lies in its ability to significantly enhance the sensitivity of RNA-sequencing libraries.  This is achieved by removing unwanted, highly abundant RNA molecules, such as ribosomal RNA (rRNA), which can obscure the detection of less prevalent but potentially valuable transcripts.  Consequently, researchers gain a clearer picture of gene expression within a sample, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency in various research and translational applications.  One such application is the identification of novel biomarkers or therapeutic targets.

This partnership between Jumpcode Genomics and Takara Bio USA signifies a significant development in RNA-sequencing technology.  By combining their expertise and intellectual property, they aim to streamline the development and commercialization of targeted transcript depletion tools. This collaboration has the potential to benefit researchers worldwide by providing them with more powerful and cost-effective solutions for unlocking the secrets hidden within the human genome.

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