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September 25, 2019: It has been a great ride for JUUL from 2015 since they launched the product which would eliminate cigarettes smoking and help the major adult smokers to quit smoking. Being a number one provider of e-cigarette an alternate to quit and reduce tobacco consumption.

Kevin Burns, former CEO of JUUL steps down from the position on immediate effect as the regulatory crackdown comes to picture where it has encountered 8 deaths and hundreds of illness due to vaping. Trump government have proposed to stop flavored e-cigarettes to avoid people getting addicted and affected by the same.

JUUL confirmed to stop all digital and print advertisement in the USA obeying to the proposal from the government till it’s been finalized. Even though the JUUL product is nowhere related to the eight death cases, it is a major step which the company is taking upfront damages in the forthcoming days.

The $13billion company also announced that the company will be lead by K.C. Crosthwaite, an Altria executive from immediate effect. The uncertain future of e-cigarettes and the public notice issued from California health officials will make Crosthwaite and the company to think and work harder with a different strategy to sustain the leading position in the industry. A trailblazer in the industry with over 3000+ employees would have a solution for the future and the customer.

Kevin served the company for 1 year and 10 months, the company had a high growth with sales number as well as revenue. With a great future opportunity for Crosthwaite and an uncertain future in the United States would put the company in a better position tomorrow.

With the immediate notice from federal prosecutors of California also prompted Massachusetts to place a temporary ban on all vaping products? Would this be a loss for e-cigarette retail market or a helping hand for the tobacco industry?

Kevin also mentioned in one of the interviews “I don’t want my kids using the product”

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