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Laying Down New Grounds For Modern AEC With Cutting-Edge Processes And Technology | Chetan Mogal

Chetan Mogal

CEO & President

Chetan Mogal, an influential entrepreneur, and CEO of BIM Engineering US., L.L.C., forefronts leadership at all levels. He is the driving force behind the products and solutions for iFieldSmart Technologies. Leading by example, he makes sure the organization functions as a single unit through perpetual inspiration and motivation. He believes in the power of empathy and patience to help people achieve a personal and professional purpose. This is drawn from Chetan’s unflinching belief to solve challenges powered by technology and innovation, reinforced with the display of continuous credibility. Holding top-tier positions for multi-billion dollar AEC firms and leading Suffolk construction as a Director,  Chetan has led people and projects through advanced processes and tools for BIM and construction management. Moving from people in the firm, Chetan upholds a client-centric approach to achieving “clash flow positive” outcomes through BIM Engineering US., L.L.C.

The approach to solving modern-day AEC challenges isn’t driven by the power of one, but by three – people, processes, and innovation. The AEC industry is plagued by a series of challenges, predominantly low productivity. Working from small to large-scale firms, Chetan understands pain points and their impact including rework, delays, and cost-creep. Following the pandemic, global industries have suffered a setback, yet BIM Engineering US., L.L.C. powered by iFieldSmart Technologies has navigated these black waters to serve AEC clients and showcase exponential growth.  

iFieldSmart Technologies originated out of cognizance that the construction industry did not have a simple and the right toolset to overcome field challenges. Experience and expertise have led Chetan and his team to adopt preemptive solutions for problem identification and resolution. Latching onto integrated applications and connected construction, our team fosters efficient offsite planning and design, whilst bridging the gap with the field. Designed to be simple, yet powerful, the iFieldSmart Construction management software utilizes real-time data as its ally to enhance information accuracy and transfer, foster quick turnaround, and collaborate instantly. 

The idea behind iFieldSmart was to identify the problem first and solve with it a rich feature-set of digital cloud-based tools. People with an orthodox mindset are a grave problem. Technology is consistent, solving a problem by defining a certain set of processes and workflows and tweaking toolsets drives positive construction outcomes. “Working in silo environments does not support construction consistency, risk management, and achieving objectives.” Enabling new dawn for the AEC industry requires people’s collaboration through technology driven by real-time data. A proprietary construction management tool like iFieldSmart Technologies incorporates every capability on a simple and intuitive dashboard to achieve 100% throughput”. 

Systematic construction management augments construction productivity. Continuous improvements within tools have been transformational for preconstruction, photo documentation, BIM, project management, design planning, bidding, and estimation. iFieldSmart Technologies’ original concept to manage drawings through the use of QR code integration has made it simple to manage multiple drawing sets. Managing RFIs and Submittals have been a challenge for complex and fast-track construction projects.“These features are game-changing capabilities for construction projects,” adds Chetan.

iFieldSmart Technologies has been influential and used by a myriad of construction companies to support Architects, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Facilities Managers, and Owners. Data-driven tools driven by innovation should and will enhance building accuracy, and agility, reduce field risks, and fuel business growth.

iFieldSmart has concealed its position as one of the leading providers of top construction management software for 2022 and beyond – our platform has been built to deliver and evolve, unceasingly.

" My success story is providing all team members a safe working environment and a winning culture. "

Chetan Mogal

CEO & President

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