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Leading Effectively through 2021

Leading Effectively through 2021

This past year has been a remarkably challenging year for many companies, and regrettably, some of those challenges may still be around into the new year. With that stated, and as we look forward to 2021, leaders must begin to form a plan that can help resolve some of these challenges and eventually help their team move forward in a positive direction. One important thing that leaders will need to focus on in 2021 is helping their team adapt to any transformations that may come about. Most people don’t do well with development, and it can make it even harder to adjust when everyone’s opinions and feelings aren’t considered.

Gartner conducted a study recently, it was discovered that most change initiatives fail because 80% of businesses use a top-down, minimal-involvement path that doesn’t take into consideration the concerns of all employees.

Workers want to know that they are being understood, and they start to become concerned about differences if they feel as if they aren’t being heard.

Information Anxieties

This can include topics such as “what exactly is the change according to entail?” and “why is this change occurring?”.

Personal Matters

Some personal matters that employees may have included, “how will this change influence me?” and “can I learn how to do this change?”.

Implementation Interests

Instances of implementation concerns maybe, “who will be able to help me through this transition?” and “is this change realistic?”.

Impact Businesses

Impact concerns could interject, “is the change going to work for all of us?” and “is this change meriting all of the effort?”.

Culture Concerns

An instance of a refinement concern might be, “can I trust my leaders to guide us within this change?”.

Some employees have had a hard time making the transition to working remotely in 2020 and maybe dubious at the thought of having to go through any further developments – especially in a virtual setting.

Leading virtually in tough times and through times of change is an important trade to have and will only strengthen the trust and bond among you and your team. Support your employees to ask questions so that they feel more relaxed once it’s time to transition and ease any concerns they may have – it will only increase your bond in the long run—practice flexibility and self-care.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a fundamental skill to develop. Being aware of and controlling your sentiments allows you not to get as activated when facing challenges and improve faster when feeling pressed. Daily exercise and mindfulness help administer our minds healthy.

It’s certainly been a challenging year via which to navigate. As leaders, we want to lead well. Be humble, communicative, and OK with the unknown. Utilize your team. Listen to their thoughts and ideology. Design accountability to make sure your team has the support they require to succeed. Embrace tough conversations to address and move past points of friction quickly. Keep yourself grounded and healthy, while collaborating with those around you. Solutions will come forth so you can move forward with confidence.

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