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Leading with Faith & Perseverance | Paul Battista

Leading with Faith & Perseverance | Paul Battista

Paul Battista

CEO & Founder

Paul Battista is a family and religion-oriented individual, a lifelong learner who values education. He brought his values to Brothers and summarized them into the four core values, people, partnering, precision, and professionalism. He believes, “if you love and take care of the people that work for you [then] the possibilities are endless. We provide a safe, comfortable work environment, quality health care for each of our employees; we are one of the first companies in our industry to pay for one hundred percent of each our employees’ health care.” The company started as a faith-based business and has maintained a family-like feel even with the growing number of employees because of their culture. Paul participates in the very selective OPM Program at Harvard Business School a three-year program with months of on-campus activities, learning how to be a better leader.

“I’m a firm believer in ‘if you can think it you can do it,’ from getting a debt forgiven to envisioning yourself in five, ten, and thirty years; you think it and figure out a way to get it done. Tell people the truth and keep your word. When people know they can trust you, they do,” says Paul.

“I look up to The Lord, the ultimate teacher. He has put people in my life that have driven me farther. He has pushed me to the edge and not let me fall, those are learning experiences. I try to foster a connection with everyone I meet. You never know what you can learn or how somebody can help you. Through my faith I’ve had increased hope and the lord put some amazing people in my life.”

Brothers have started an in-house marketing team that manages their online presence, improving it, and finding new leads. They have also created and started using a new software called PavementSoft that helps them manage every project from a-z. “We saw a need and made a move to fill it. We designed and built PavementSoft from the DNA of our company. It keeps everyone in the loop and offers us a chance to oversee every project, no matter what phase the projects are in,” explains Paul. “We now have a software solution to meet the unique needs of our industry. We also ask for reviews through our survey process facilitated by email and our own website. This allows us to review the survey data and see where and how we can improve; with more efficiency than many other processes of data collection.”

Brothers invest in, listens to, seeks to understand, and empower all people, those on the team and those they work within the communities they serve. They offer training to all employees and have implemented a unique experience with their own “Brothers University,” They provide training that pertains to everyone’s field and helps them advance. With honesty, proficiency, friendliness, exceptional communication, and professionalism, Brothers deliver the best product, paving the way for the industry. “We take the time to do it right the first time, finding and creating solutions. We build relationships with our clients and suppliers, keeping our commitments. We don’t only meet expectations; we exceed them and strive to serve when we can.” Paul personally works toward this vision and expects everyone else in the company to as well. “We’ve developed Balanced Score Cards, KPI’s, OKR’s. We now hold people accountable, train them, empower them, give them a voice, and ensure balance in their lives.”

The company’s employees are hardworking, integrous, skilled, and ambitious. They complete each project promptly, treating the clients as they would like to be treated with these traits. When employees successfully, kindly, and competently complete each project, word spreads. From day one, Brothers has tried to show their values through every single employee; as they have grown, they have learned how to do it better; their principles and values show through from top to bottom, which means that from job one to job one million people will know what they are all about and see it plainly, setting them up for repeat and referral business.

Brothers’ culture is a key differentiating factor. Started as faith and family-based business, they have continued with those values in mind as they have grown in size. “Our employees care about each other, ask about how our families are doing and become sincere friends.  We coach employees to grow professionally through a unique program called Brothers University,” adds Paul. “We don’t actively try to thwart other companies, but work with them as we grow with them in this industry. That being said, we foresee a nationwide consolidation happening. We have partnered with Trivest (equity partner) to be a leading company in this consolidation by acquiring the best companies in America and taking our principles and values nationwide.”

The company has been recognized by the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies last year and this year, and many other awards that recognize them. One of their biggest achievements is partnering with Trivest to take their brand nationwide. “Being recognized as successful and worth partnering with feels like a great honour, and we are excited to move forward with them and continue growing our company,” says Paul.

For instance, Brothers has a client who gave many different paving locations to be completed over time. This high volume required them to add additional crews to meet the client’s needs. Additionally, it required Brothers to use the client’s existing software and data process to keep track of work done and report that in a manner that works best for the client. “We were able to add not only an additional crew but have since added a third and fourth crew for this client and have a streamlined process unique to the client for their tracking and reporting of completed work. This resulted in more work done faster and at a lower price.”

Brothers constantly considers ways to have the client experience improved. The company’s upcoming process changes that will benefit the client experience include photos after each job being sent to the project manager. The project manager can then share these photos with the clients. Each client receives a questionnaire at the end of each project as an opportunity to give candid feedback.

Paul Battista award

"Tell people the truth and keep your word. When people know they can trust you, they do. "

Paul Battista

CEO & Founder of Brothers Paving & Concrete

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