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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Legal Cannabis Trailblazer Bright Green Taps Seasoned Executive Singh for CEO Helm

In a strategic move poised to propel its next growth phase, Bright Green Corporation (BGXX), a pioneering force in the burgeoning U.S. legal cannabis industry, has announced the appointment of industry veteran Groovy Singh as its new Chief Executive Officer. This significant shift in leadership follows the departure of former CEO Seamus McAuley, who will transition to an advisory role while focusing on personal health needs.

Effective immediately, Mr. Singh’s arrival brings a wealth of expertise spanning domestic and international markets. A 23-year veteran with a proven track record of success in consumer products, retail, fashion, entertainment, and wellness, Mr. Singh has demonstrably guided the expansion of both private and publicly traded companies. His adeptness in forging international partnerships, as evidenced during his tenure at TWC Brands Inc., is particularly well-aligned with Bright Green’s ambitious growth plans.

Terry Rafih, Executive Chairman of Bright Green’s Board of Directors, expressed profound gratitude for Mr. McAuley’s significant contributions in laying the foundation for the company’s success. He underscored the unwavering support offered to Mr. McAuley as he focused on his health while expressing unwavering confidence in Mr. Singh’s ability to steer Bright Green toward new heights.

“We are delighted to welcome Groovy Singh to the helm,” Mr. Rafih stated. “His extensive experience and shared vision for the future of Bright Green makes him the ideal candidate to lead us into the next chapter. We are confident that his strategic acumen and proven leadership will be instrumental in unlocking the full potential of our company and solidifying our position as a leader in the legal cannabis space.”

Mr. Singh’s appointment coincides with a pivotal juncture for Bright Green. The company is actively pursuing an ambitious strategic plan encompassing investments in top talent, the commencement of commercial operations, and the exploration of lucrative avenues such as clinical research and development of plant-based therapies, alongside potential forays into the cultivation and manufacturing of other scheduled substances. His arrival is thus viewed as a catalyst for unlocking these exciting possibilities and propelling Bright Green towards a future brimming with promising prospects.

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