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Macron loses the decisive majority in parliament in 'democratic shock'

Macron loses the decisive majority in parliament in 'democratic shock'

June 21, 2022: -On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron lost control of the National Assembly in legislative elections. This major setback could throw the country into political paralysis unless it can negotiate alliances with different parties.

Macron’s centrist Ensemble coalition, wanting to raise the retirement age and further deepen EU integration, stood on course to end up with the most seats in the election on Sunday.

But near-final results showed they would be well short of the absolute majority needed to control parliament.

A broad left-wing alliance was the most prominent opposition group, while the far-right scored record-high successes, and the conservatives were alleged to be the kingmakers.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, known as the outcome a “democratic shock,” added that if different blocs did not cooperate, “this would block the capacity to reform and protect the French.”

A hung parliament requires a degree of power-sharing and compromises among parties not experienced in France in the last decades.

There is no script in France for the way things will unfold. The last time a newly elected president died to get an outright majority in parliamentary elections was in 1988.

“The result is a risk for my country given the challenges we have to face,” Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said while adding that Macron’s camp will work to seek alliances from Monday.

Macron could call a snap election if legislative gridlock ensues.

“The root of the presidential party is done, and there is no clear majority in sight,” hard-left veteran Jean-Luc Melenchon said to cheering supporters.

Leftwing Liberation is known as the result “a slap” for Macron and economic daily Les Echos as “an earthquake.”

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