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Making the World a Safe Place

Making the World a Safe Place | Rielis Mesquita

Rielis Mesquita

President & CEO of Aqualite US

When Rielis Mesquita lost two young brothers to a bad drinking water supply in Brazil that contained viruses and other deadly contaminants, it changed him forever. He made it his mission to help people not get sick and began his journey by researching the best products to help people stay healthy and well. He decided to come to the U.S. to work as a successful executive chef, and his previous experiences taught him that the utensils used for cooking were loaded with aluminum and other chemicals – not healthy to cook with. He became an advocate for stainless steel. “We are what we put in our bodies whether it’s food, water or air – why not start with pure, clean and safe food, water and air?” he says.

His newfound expertise and wellness awareness led him to establish Aqualite US to sell water purification systems and services 29 years ago. The company started in 1991 as a counter-top, under-the-sink, and shower-filtration product company in the greater Boston area. As President & CEO of Aqualite US, it became his purpose to educate people on their drinking water supply impurities. He was determined

to make pure, safe water affordable and available to all and educate homeowners about their water quality. Mesquita built a successful company and reputation as someone that customers immediately trusted for their family’s water purification needs.

“Our water purification business had been doing well for a number of years,” and then with economy shifts along with the looming pandemic, he and his COO, Toly Chea, saw the company potentially going out of business.

“We pivoted in a number of directions, over a year ago first by becoming a trusted Home Depot water service provider which required employees to enter people’s homes to evaluate and install whole house water purification systems,” says Mesquita. When this business sales channel became affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, they adjusted their pivot again. Mesquita studied methods to eliminate viruses, allergens, and air contaminants and discovered the air purification technology developed by Aerus (formerly the Electrolux Corporation). “Over the years, I watched my children, and their classmates get colds and viruses every year and had always looked for something that would help prevent the spread of airborne and surface viruses,” he explains. “I saw the technology that Aerus was pioneering, and I reached the conclusion that it was superior. We worked diligently to become a successful distributor during a time when many schools and businesses were working hard to reopen safely. These premier air purifiers had been proven to eliminate flu and other viruses both in air and on surfaces – in many instances reducing illness absences by up to 80 percent in schools, businesses, and homes. We got the message out through our sales and marketing efforts that this was the premier technology to keep staff, students, and visitors safe. We provided full customer support from comprehensive site assessments to rapid system delivery along the way, which helped to build peace of mind for everyone as they reopened.

Treating people “before they become sick” is the core of Mesquita’s and Aqualite’s philosophy, which became the basis for providing the only best water and air filtration product offerings. “We’re in the business of keeping people healthy, and I would like to be known as the “Doctor of Prevention” providing ‘Pure Wellness Solutions’ to our customers,” adds Mesquita. “Aqualite will continue to add products and now provides full service and support for our customers both at home and for business – the possibilities are endless.”

The company adopts and works with superior, proven technologies both for their product offerings and company infrastructure. For example, their line of Beyond Air Purifiers features ActivePure® technology is an exclusive environmental technology that solves many everyday indoor air and surface contamination problems. ActivePure’s advanced oxidizers are proven to reduce up to 99.9% of the surface and air contaminants and allergens. ActivePure® is the only air purification technology awarded the prestigious Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation. Recently ActivePure® Technologies LLC announced that this revolutionary air purifying technology inactivated over 99.9% of highly concentrated airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) in an enclosed setting in just 3 minutes, below detectable levels. Testing of the ActivePure Technology® was conducted by one of the world’s top biosafety testing facilities, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), which primarily tests for the U.S. military and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This complements the recent announcement our new Hydroxyl Blaster featuring ActivePure® Technology is the only air purifier scientifically proven to reduce the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus on surfaces providing comprehensive protection for our customers.

For Aqualite’s water technology, their whole-house bacteriostatic water softener systems incorporate SilverShield® Protection, based on NASA technology, to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed. “Our bacteriostatic water softener systems also utilize the advanced technology of the iGen® valve so smart it thinks for you to monitor your water to optimize water quality, safety, and operating efficiency,” adds Mesquita.

One of Mesquita’s favorite success stories happened in his town of Tyngsboro, MA – When their school Superintendent Dr. Michael Flanagan needed the best air purifiers quickly to prepare his schools for reopening, he reached out via Chat to the Aqualite US website. “He immediately connected with our Director of Sales, and they talked 10 minutes later. Within the hour, our Aqualite team processed the order and got the air purifiers ready for pickup,” says Mesquita. “By mid-day, Tyngsboro’s maintenance team had the units in hand; once unpacked, our air purifiers began purifying and sanitizing the air in school facilities immediately to remove up to 99.98% of airborne viruses as small as 0.1 microns making all areas safe and healthy.”

For Mesquita and his talented team, the mission is to consistently provide the highest quality air and water purification systems for their residential and commercial customers, promoting a healthy and safe life for all. The Aqualite team is fully dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care, quality service, and unparalleled wellness solutions. “We have found that personal, hand-on attention with our customers one of our key advantages that set Aqualite apart from the competition,” he explains. “Aqualite is continuing to expand our wellness solution model with new brands and affordable products, a soon to be launched e-commerce site, and comprehensive service contracts.”

Rielis Mesquita award

Aqualite US is continually dedicated to excellence in everything they do, and for Rielis Mesquita, only the best will do – the Aqualite product lines in both EPA Certified Water and NASA-Based Air Purification are the premier wellness solution products on the market today.

Rielis Mesquita

President & CEO of Aqualite US

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