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Making Your Office A Safer Space

Creating a Safer Workplace - Brij Thankey

Brij Thankey

CEO of Precision FM

The CEO of PrecisionFM  Brij Thankey sees himself more as a Charioteer than a traditional CEO – a driver navigating the FM landscape, with his team in the cabin encouraging and propelling him forward. It’s a unique take on FM and it’s what marks this young company as different in the marketplace:

What motivated you to get involved with PrecisionFM?

Helping people, the Team will say it’s the Precision way, it never stops, being the person responsible for a business like PrecisionFM – it’s really exciting.

We are looking at setting up energy now, I’ve got ideas on other sectors that I want us to get involved in. There’s so much more that I want us to do. For me the draw is the people development side.

And what makes PrecisionFM stand out? What are its core values?

We’re a fast-growing, dynamic FM business. We want to go out there and disrupt the marketplace.

We’ve done that through not giving up on people – we’ve got guys who we’ve given the opportunity to flourish and they do. It’s amazing what they have achieved.

That’s how were going to grow this business, through giving people a chance. We’ve always had the door open – that togetherness is powerful, and it transcends into our clients and people we come into contact with. We’re building this business with a great foundation of togetherness and long may that continue.

We have ideas of how we think we can get there, but it has to start with the core values:

  • Passionate – I can say that about all our people, they’ve all got fire in their belly. Sometimes you’ve just got to find it and allow them to evolve.
  • Personal development – I’ve seen the team develop over the last 2-3 years and it’s been fantastic. People coming in, not being afraid to stick their head up and go for it. It’s brilliant. It’s all about continuous improvement – if you aren’t continuously looking to improve, you allow risk and negativity to come in.
  • Positive energy – we’re always receptive to change. It is hard work but it’s brilliant. Some people think change is all about technology, but it’s not. It’s about mindset.

The three Ps. That’s Precision.

So, what do you want to do with the company during your time as CEO?

I know what my goals are – to have the most employee-centric company in the country. But the best company isn’t necessarily the biggest.

What I want to do with Precision, and with the FM market, is to bring in a pure outsourcing model. It can be full time, or it can be part time – it doesn’t have to be all-encompassing. It’s just how you deliver the model, how you motivate the team, invest in them and get them to go beyond. All that energy and passion and development rolls off on your clients. If you’re not going to be motivated, you’re not going to get a good product at the end of the day. We also want to take all our clients with us on this journey.

Who are some of your long-term clients/ partnerships? Share some examples of clients that have benefitted from your services

We have clients from the services industry, professional offices, education – Unipart Group Logistics, but also BLM, Xylem, The Physiological Society. We were fortunate to pick up a healthcare contract before the pandemic – we’ve been working on it for the last 12 months. We wanted to break into that sector, so that should open a lot more doors.

How has PrecisionFM responded to the COVID pandemic?

We’re fortunate to work with a lot of companies involved in distribution – that’s why we’ve stayed busy during coronavirus. We kept most of our office staff onboard because we wanted to come out of this and have a thriving business, not just be alive. That meant taking some risks, trying to keep most of the staffing resource intact.

I’m glad I made that decision. I didn’t want to come back to a business and have to re-motivate everybody. But not one of them moaned over the last five months – we had to keep going because we were supporting key worker industries. We’ve been lucky and will carry on that way.

Where do you see PrecisionFM in 10 years’ time?

In the next month, we’ll be launching an energy brand – that’s got a lot of excitement around it. It’s time we break into that industry – whether it be electrical charging points, to solar, to responsible clean energy sources, and promoting and selling those. We’ll be actively purchasing and reselling them onto clients.

But I don’t want to stop there – I want to keep growing. In 10 years, we’ll be looking at listing the business. This is about creating a legacy. We want to attract all these wonderful people; we want them to know that there is a career here beyond me or whoever takes over from me. And I’ll look after people like that, who want to do well.

You can’t attract the best unless you can give them the vision.


Brij Thankey award

“It’s the Precision Way, it never stops”

Brij Thankey

CEO of Precision FM

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