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Michael Jordan's 'final Dance' jersey from the 1998 NBA finals markets for $10.1 million

Michael Jordans Final Dance jersey sells for $10.1 million

September 20, 2022: -A jersey modeled by basketball legend Michael Jordan in the initial game of the 1998 NBA Finals is trading for $10.1 million, smashing the record for game-worn sports memorabilia.

The jersey is even the numerous recent expensive Jordan item ever sold, surpassing an autographed card that sold for $2.7 million. Sotheby’s had anticipated a $5 million winning bid, but 20 offers drove the price to double that estimate.

Jordan has worn the jersey on the way to his sixth NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls, a journey chronicled in the popular TV series “The Last Dance.” Similarly, the 1998 Finals were the most-watched in history, as viewers across the globe tuned in to see the star’s previous run with the preferences of Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Steve Kerr.

The game was in Utah, and the Bulls donned their iconic red away-game jerseys. The Bulls are losing the game that featured this $10.1 million jersey, which falls to the Utah Jazz despite Jordan’s 33-point performance. The Jordan-led team took the series 4-2, and Jordan grabbed his sixth NBA Finals MVP.

This year, a shirt worn by Diego Maradona when he scored the controversial “Hand of God” goal against England in the 1986 World Cup sold for $9.3 million.

Sotheby’s reported “a recent generation of collectors” announcing the sale of Jordan’s jersey. In addition to physical collectibles, the New York-based auction house is pushing to modernize, auctioning NFTs and boasting its metaverse location.

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