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Morgan Stanley will bar workers without Covid vaccines from most New York offices starting from July 12

Morgan Stanley will bar workers without Covid vaccines

June 24, 2021: -On Tuesday, Morgan Stanley told its staff that workers and clients not vaccinated against Covid-19 would be barred from returning to New York City and Westchester County offices with a significant employee presence starting from July 12, confirmed by CNBC.

All Morgan Stanley staff in the New York metropolitan area must also attest to their coronavirus vaccination status by July 1.

On Tuesday, Employees who are not fully vaccinated will have to continue working remotely, and the company told workers.

The move permitted Morgan Stanley to lift the mask and physical distancing requirements in its offices, following similar actions by other financial giants.

Last month, Blackstone said that U.S. workers in investment divisions could return to their offices full-time on June 7 if they are completely vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Goldman Sachs sent employees a memo by this month requiring them to disclose their vaccination status.

Previously, Morgan Stanley had only required employees’ specific areas to be fully vaccinated to return to their offices.

On Tuesday, citing a company memo, the Financial Times first reported that it would require employees, clients, and visitors in the New York area to attest to being completely vaccinated to enter company workspaces in New York City and Westchester County.

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