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Netanyahu's grip on power in Israel is not that strong as rival plans to unseat him

Netanyahu's grip on power in Israel is not that strong

June 01, 2021: -On Sunday, Far-right party leader Naftali Bennett threw his crucial support behind a “unity government” in Israel to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in what would end the political era.

Bennett’s decision could allow opposition chief Yair Lapid to put a coalition of right-wing, centrist, and leftist parties and hand Netanyahu his first election defeat from 1999.

Lapid, head of the centrist Yesh Atid party that finished second to

Under a prospective power-sharing deal, Bennett will replace Netanyahu, the 71-year-old head of the Likud Party, as a PM and give way to centrist Lapid in an agreement.

“I am announcing today that I intend to work with all my might towards establishing a unity government with Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid,” Bennett said in his speech.

Responding to TV to Bennett’s announcement, Netanyahu accused him of perpetrating “the fraud of the century” regarding past public promises Bennett made with Lapid. He said a right-wing government was still a possibility.

Israel has held four elections that ended with no clear winner and made Netanyahu with his rivals short of a parliamentary majority. The veteran leader remains in office as head of the government.

The new perspective diverse members of the coalition would have little in common apart from the desire to end the 12-year run of Netanyahu, longest-serving leader of Israel, now on trial over corruption charges that he does not agree.

An anti-Netanyahu alliance will be fragile and require outside backing by the members of parliament who are opposed to Bennett’s plan, including more settlement building in the occupied West Bank and its partial annexation.

It would be expected to focus on the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic while setting away from the issues on which members disagree, like the role of religion in society and Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Netanyahu said like a coalition was a danger to Israel’s security and future.

An agreement of Bennett-Lapid had already been reported to be close when violence broke out amid Israel and Gaza militants, and Bennett suspended the discussions. The fighting ended with a ceasefire after 11 days.

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