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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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The Coca-Cola Company emerged on top of the list of a new ranking in terms of corporate disclosure among the top 250 publicly traded companies in the U.S. The Labrador rankings are conducted by stakeholders who form an independent panel consisting of a variety of people, ranging from financial analysts to investor groups, who monitor various criteria. There is a review and comparison made out of each company’s annual proxy statement, Form 10-K and the investor relations website. The criteria consider the four pillars of transparency, i.e. availability, comparability, accuracy and accessibility, which are used in this ranking calculation.

These boundaries together form the basis of the results and reflect how much more a company needs to be public, with qualitative information.

The second and third position on the list is occupied by Blackrock and the Southern Company respectively. The former is the World’s largest asset manager, while the latter forms one of the largest companies in the United States. Prudential (4th), Goldman Sachs (6th), Bank of America (10th), Citigroup (11th), S&P Global (14th), Intuit (17th) and Mastercard (18th) are the other financial companies who have made it to the top 20 list in terms of transparency.

Notable members who are in the top 20 include defence contractor Raytheon, who is placed at 7th in the list. Insurance giant Allstate is at the 13th position in the list. The Labrador report also consisted of the most transparent firms in each industry. General Motors topped the list of consumer discretionary, Caterpillar for industrial equipment, Walmart for consumer goods. AT&T topped the telecommunication services division while the information technology sector saw tech giant Intel at the top.

Labrador is a global communications company who have specialization in regulated disclosure documents. They announced the inaugural version of the United States Transparency Awards, a move that will see firms compete with each other to earn a fairer reputation among the general public in the future. The first version of the awards was launched by the firm in France, ten years ago and over time, their rating has become a global standard to many investors as a general benchmark of transparency.

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