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Non-Traditional Rise to Success! | Belinda E. Lowe

Non-Traditional Rise to Success! | Belinda E. Lowe

Belinda E. Lowe

President and CEO

Journey to CEO.  As President and CEO of Agil3 Technology Solutions (A3T), Ms. Belinda E. Lowe built A3T without any capital investments, motivated by her success working for Fortune 100 companies, and a ‘Calling’ to serve others through a business venture … a vehicle to serve our Federal Government, employees, and the community. Within a 4-months timeframe, Belinda moved A3T from a seed company to making sales, securing its first customers, which has resulted in a multi-million-dollar company.  Keys to Belinda’s success is leading with an executable vision, extraordinary faith, strategic relationships, and overcoming complex industry and market conditions through resilience!   

Ms. Lowe, an active-duty U.S. Army veteran, is a seasoned business leader with more than 25 years expertise across a broad range of Federal markets. She has proven expertise and consistent success in developing and implementing results-driven business strategies and aligning technology solutions with mission-critical requirements. “Success is a continuous journey” says Belinda, who also served in various leadership positions at Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, NCI Information Systems, and small niche companies. 

She successfully directed multi-billion-dollar programs and significantly grew companies in the areas of operations, business development, and various advanced information technology and cyber security domains. Belinda has a Master’s in Business Administration, Post Graduate Executive Leadership Education from Harvard Business School, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Administration from the University of Maryland, University College in College Park, MD, and holds a Project Management Professional certification.

In addition to having a unique ability to anticipate industry/market trends and develop key relationships, Belinda leverages her advanced business acumen and forward-thinking analytical mindset while balancing her commitment to active listening from mentors and coaches. Throughout the journey she discovered that “Success is Deliberate’, and while it is not automatic, success is literally in your hands.  She says, “create professional goals that are aligned with your personal goals, love what you do, commit, be tenacious, and have faith …. Believe!”.

Taking the Leap:  The Road to Establishing A3T in a Challenging and Hyper-Competitive Environment

After getting a healthy dose of inspiration along the way, Belinda transformed her journey into a powerful vision and mission backed by action.  She successfully developed and executed her vision and strategy to establish A3T, a highly sought-after technology services company that delivers innovative, adaptive, and responsive solutions across Federal Government agencies and the Department of Defense. Belinda did this by walking an uncommon journey (the CEO Tight Rope) and developing essential business systems that drive enduring and measurable results, attracting and retaining top talent, improving work processes, and developing intense customer loyalty.  

Belinda says, “A3T’s success is attributable to living our core values Integrity, Excellence, Service, Accountability, and Respect daily”.  Being a servant leader, A3T’s mantra is to Deliver WOW through Service! A3T provides value added services that resolve the most difficult technical challenges by empowering fellow employees. A3T’s service delivery is firmly based on repeatable processes heavily influenced by industry best practices.  This includes her unique systems development approach to A3T’s three (3) Core Pillars (Leadership, Team, and Mission) and five (5) major business systems (Cash Flow, Business Development/Marketing/Branding, Operations, Legal, and its Services/Products).  Belinda builds compelling teams that focuses on customer needs, an executable roadmap that is strategically aligned to A3T goals and is operationally viable; while she instills a cadence of accountability to achieve the most critical results and largest return on investment for all stakeholders. She has been a part of transforming the industry as a real-life example for other business leaders and aspiring business owners. “If someone is truly committed to succeeding, be self-aware of key strengths and areas requiring improvement, establish meaningful partnerships, be open to mentoring and coaching, having faith, focus, resilience, and a conscious commitment to excellence,” she says.

A3T Leveling-Up Through Resilience

A3T has built a stellar reputation in a very short time.  While A3T’s capabilities have expanded over the years, the company was initially formed to provide high-demand IT and cyber security expertise, delivering critical IT infrastructure communications and network security to clients in both public and private sectors. Today, A3T has been awarded Federal contracts supporting 16 different government agencies, delivering IT Digital Modernization, Cybersecurity, Next-Generation IT, Emerging Technology, and Professional Services.  Under Belinda’s leadership, A3T has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including being named the “Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.”, “All-Star Entrepreneurs” Top 500 (Rank #218, Inc. 5000), Washington Technology Fast 50 (ranking #9), Fastest Growing Veteran-Owned Businesses (Vet 50), A3T Feature in Cybersecurity Ventures/ Cybercrime Magazine! as a Go-To Women-Owned small business (WOSB), and more.  One of A3T’s biggest achievements was landing one of the biggest WOSB contracts, competing and winning in open competition in a highly saturated and competitive market and industry, which resulted in doubling the size of the company.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, A3T was able to navigate through the ‘great resignation’ and competition for top talent, thin budgets, and over-stretched teams. CEOs like Belinda understand, “being an executive today can be challenging”, she says.  A3T maintains value and empowerment through simplicity, partnerships, and “Leveling-Up and Achieving Growth Through Resilience!”.  Belinda says, “For all the stress it brings, these are often the moments when great executives thrive. I love the challenge. It’s a reminder of purpose and brings deep satisfaction.”  Because of Belinda’s management Team’s ability to accurately anticipate the market, technical expertise, industry knowledge, and customer intimacy, A3T leverages some of the best industry technologies and offer true differentiators. What sets them apart is A3T’s customer service and its Agile approach to problem solving, management, flexible resources during service delivery.  Communicating with clarity and certainty, Belinda establishes a culture that inspires employees to work towards critical priorities and rewards employees for each impactful contribution, while employing techniques to invigorate people to embrace change, overcome adverse situations, and take action.   

Giving Back. Belinda and her leadership Team have always believed in being of service in the community, and have implemented a community outreach program, providing monetary donations and time off to employees to support community events. A3T supports many nonprofit organizations and have made this a high priority as one of our core values; to generously give to others in the community.

Future and Creating a Legacy

A3T’s legacy remains deeply embedded in its deep research, systems-thinking, and critical innovation to solve problems for a safer world by mainly serving the needs of our customers. Critical transformation for A3T will allow for expansion beyond delivering small solutions into delivering enduring “big” innovations with national and global impact. 

As part of A3T’s good growth strategy and “whole of nation” approach, “critical innovation and integration requires us to move to expand beyond the status quo”, states Belinda.  This includes building an environment for A3T’s ideas to connect in novel ways through its unique platforms which support a greater network of partners, and by offering essential possibilities for a safer and better world.  Therefore, to thrive in a future environment of ever-increasing complexity, A3T will continue to be intentional in creating both the investments and organizational constructs necessary to achieve its mission.

Belinda E. Lowe Award

“...these are often the moments when great executives thrive. I love the challenge. It’s a reminder of purpose and brings deep satisfaction."

Belinda E. Lowe

Agil3 Technology Solutions (A3T)

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