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Offering Excellence & Virtue | Joshua D. Rogers

Joshua D. Rogers

Founder & CEO

A forward thinker, Joshua D. Rogers is always focused on the future. His vision was to introduce a smart, sophisticated approach to investing and wealth building. Since founding Arete Wealth in 2007, he’s done just that. Joshua’s brought an endowment-style of asset allocation to a broader audience of investors. From hedge funds to bespoke investments, his dream was to bring a new perspective to investing.

Arete Wealth is the embodiment of that vision: a dynamic, energetic, comprehensive wealth management firm focused on the future.

The firm’s mission is to offer comprehensive wealth management that builds favorable financial futures for investors, clients, and partners. This focus and long-term thinking mean that even in times of uncertainty, there is stability. Joshua’s leadership is firmly rooted in his belief that people always come first: clients and advisors. That human approach has led to meaningful relationships that have stood the test of time, offering guidance and support. As CEO, Joshua is the steward of the firm’s financial management products and services, offered through more than 100 offices and over 265 advisors nationwide.

The firm has boasted year-over-year revenue growth every year under Joshua’s tenure since he founded the company in 2007.


Arete Wealth stands out from the crowd because they have a human approach: Human connection is required, and personal relationships are a must.

“When you call our firm, you will always speak to a live person, and you’ll be guided to the best outcome for your personal needs,” says Joshua. Arete Wealth also offers alternative investments that other firms may deem “unconventional” because they haven’t taken the time to perform the deep, experienced, and proper due diligence Arete Wealth can. The firm is primarily focused on conventional investment securities, with a specialty of 20-30% allocation of interesting, bespoke alternative investments. This allows clients to diversify their portfolios and invest in their passions, along with a more traditional approach to investing.

Arete Wealth offers traditional wealth planning and asset management as well as connections to third-party money managers who typically work with retail investors. This means investors with the firm may access endowment-type investing traditionally reserved for institutions. “Because there’s always risk present, our extensive due diligence team conducts their own research on products to seek the best fit for our clients,” adds Joshua. Arete Wealth also offers lifestyle consulting through our Art & Wine Advisory, a program that integrates wealth management success with exploring personal passions. They promote art, wine, and other fine collectibles with a savvy approach and high standards – at any desired investment level. Working with both experienced aficionados or interested novices, their expert advisors find the right lifestyle investments at the right value for the clients.

“What’s unique about our firm is the variety of investment products we offer, many tailored to the accredited investor with discerning or unique wealth goals. There are numerous times our advisors have shared their investors were able to reach – and even exceed – their retirement goals, philanthropic goals, and other life milestones, all attributed to their wealth management partners, us humbly among them,” says Joshua.

Not only has Arete Wealth seen year-over-year revenue growth every year under Joshua’s tenure since he founded the company in 2007, but they’ve done so with an incredible team of advisors. Arete Wealth’s approach to investing and focus on people has established meaningful relationships that stood the test of time. The road to wealth and lifelong fulfillment is one best traveled together. “Our advisors are here to guide clients through a curated, broad array of investments covering a variety of sectors,” explains Joshua. “Everything we do is rooted in the depth of our due diligence and careful attention to detail. Every investment is selected with care, from financial professionals who are masters of their craft. We manage wealth with an eye for what stands out amongst the rest to guide clients to their intended destination.”

In regars to technology, Arete Wealth is at the forefront of financial services software. The firm offers a proprietary TAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Platform) that presents both advisors and investors with real-time, dynamic data relating to investments, reporting, performance, and much more. Arete Virtu is a comprehensive view of wealth management and can only be found at Arete Wealth. Virtu answers clients’ demands by giving them access to their investment strategies and performance anywhere, any time. Arete Wealth recently acquired Center Street Securities in early 2021. Heading into 2021 following the formal acquisition, Arete Wealth will have $5.5B of assets under management and 265 registered representatives nationwide, a 75% increase in reps. The deal will grow Arete Wealth’s revenue by 40%. Center Street is the perfect complement to Arete Wealth for many reasons. “Among them, we both share a strong belief in endowment-style investing for our high-net-worth clients,” says Joshua. Arete Wealth specializes in bespoke alternative investments, and adding Center Street’s strength in this area to our industry-leading position makes us the premier choice for alternative investment prowess. The companies will strategically combine their entities throughout 2021. After an appropriate period of integration, both firms will present under the Arete Wealth, Inc. brand. “This gives our clients and advisors the opportunity to work with a firm that can leverage the power of the two firms, while still providing the human touch they know.”

" Our facilities are certified Vegan and Kosher. We have obtained cGMP certification. "

Joshua D. Rogers

Founder & CEO

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