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Petrobras Technology Breakthrough Enables Refinery to Process 100% Renewable Feedstocks

In a groundbreaking achievement, the Riograndense Petroleum Refinery (RPR) has successfully processed 100% soybean oil in a fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit, utilizing a proprietary technology developed by Petrobras, Brazil’s national oil company. This milestone marks a significant step forward in the transition towards sustainable refining practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The FCC unit is a crucial component of modern refineries, responsible for converting heavy oil fractions into lighter, more valuable products such as gasoline and diesel. Traditionally, FCC units rely on fossil fuels as feedstocks, but Petrobras’ technology enables them to process renewable feedstocks instead, such as soybean oil.

This technological breakthrough has several environmental benefits. Soybean oil is a renewable resource, and its use in FCC units reduces reliance on fossil fuels, lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, renewable feedstocks produce cleaner-burning fuels, contributing to improved air quality.

The successful processing of 100% renewable feedstocks at the RPR is a testament to Petrobras’ commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company has been actively investing in research and development to advance its refining technologies, intending to reduce its environmental footprint and promote the use of renewable resources.

The ability to process 100% renewable feedstocks in FCC units represents a significant milestone in transforming the refining industry. Petrobras’ technology has the potential to revolutionize refining practices globally, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

The use of renewable feedstocks in FCC units reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the circular economy. Soybean oil, a byproduct of agriculture, is being repurposed as a valuable feedstock, creating new economic opportunities and reducing waste.

This technological breakthrough is also likely to impact energy security positively. As countries transition towards a more sustainable energy mix, the ability to process renewable feedstocks will become increasingly important. Petrobras’ technology positions the company as a leader in this transition.

Petrobras’ technology enabling refineries to process 100% renewable feedstocks is a transformative development with far-reaching implications for the refining industry and the environment. This breakthrough demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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