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Pioneer of A Revolutionary Building Material

Pioneer of A Revolutionary Building Material | Robert Bedard

Robert Bedard


Robert Bedard is an experienced business executive and entrepreneur who has founded two ground-breaking innovative companies and has managed them until his vision has been fulfilled. Robert is armed with 30+ years of experience in financial services, M&A, and commercial development. Before he founded his two companies, Robert has held leadership roles at Bank of BC (which went on to become HSBC Canada) before his two ventures. Robert first founded  Citiclaims – which went on to revolutionize the CRM industry in Canada. Afterwards, Robert went on to be the co-founder of MOXY OID – a new green material company that is poised to disrupt the building material sector and is on the verge of commercial deployment.

For Robert, Steve Jobs has been his role model, focusing, passion, and imagination. “Jobs had the ability to excite those who work with and around him. Additionally, his communication skills entertain, inform and inspire at the same time.” Armed with this ideology, Robert has been taking  MOXY OID to new heights.

MOXY OID Composites Inc. (MOXY OID) is a Fraser Valley start-up that has developed a proprietary building material branded as CERLOS. The main ingredient is plant fiber which can be sourced from agricultural or forestry waste. CERLOS solves numerous shortcomings of current building materials for the construction industry by utilizing a green manufacturing process that sequesters the CO2 in the produced building material.

The end product is CERLOS which is actually a mineralized (or ‘fossilized’) piece of fiber and has superior characteristics: it doesn’t burn, is resistant to termites, is water stable, and can be manipulated like wood. Having spent 18 years and $20 million in research and development, CERLOS is now ready for commercial production.

Led by Robert Bedard and Alan Heywood, MOXY OID began to explore numerous funding options in the region, Although the pandemic lessened many investors’ risk appetite, Robert has been successful in securing funding through high-net worth individuals, family offices, and is in the midst of financing the manufacturing facility through the innovative US Opportunity Zone program – which allows for tax-free gains for investors  if they invest in a designated Opportunity Zone.

Before MOXY OID, Robert founded and built one of the most significant general insurance customer enhancement and retention companies in Canada – Citiclaims Brokers Inc. That company pioneered in the development of customer relationship management software (CRM) and just-in-time procurement and delivery systems. That experience taught Robert to focus innovative solutions for the market even if they entailed long-term time frames.

Robert Bedard and Alan began a long and extensive research and development process for CERLOS building materials attempting to solve significant problems: The costs of building supplies are steadily increasing along with the quantity and cost of fire and water damage. Fast forward to today, and they have CERLOS building materials priced lower than most commonly used building materials and featuring a variety of benefits, including fire resistance with a Class A fire rating, insect, rodent, and bird resistance, water stability resulting in no shrinking or swelling, and mold resistance. In addition to these, CERLOS is 100% environmentally responsible, sustainable, and produces zero waste throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, at the end of the product lifecycle, CERLOS can be 100% recycled to make new CERLOS products.

With Moxy OID’s first-to-market product CERLOS Siding, home builders, building contractors, installers, and home renovators will enjoy spending less on installing a long-lasting, stable, nearly maintenance-free CERLOS Siding compared to fiber cement, wood, vinyl, or aluminum options. Consumers benefit by requesting CERLOS because of the superior properties as competitive products at same or lower cost. Issues with mold, fire resistance, toxic dust during installation, cracking, swelling, ecological impact, and price go away when consumers choose CERLOS for their homes. “The encouragement for internally developing proprietary processes and patentable machinery to bring our new material, CERLOS, to market with multiple barriers to entry for the competition is what has trans-formed the company,” says Robert.

The building materials industry suffers from technology stagnation. Moxy OID’s new material, CERLOS is manufactured using their proprietary, low-cost, low-energy process converting wood fibers and agricultural residues into high-performance building products for green building. CERLOS will outperform its nearest competitive product and be introduced to the market at a price point better than our competitor. “We outperform in attributes and price, and unlike our competition, we have made CERLOS easier to work with, be sustainable, and without hazardous ingredients. Our market entry products will earn us many accolades by providing fire resistant and water stable building envelopes,” adds Robert.

For Moxy OID, the development and launch of CERLOS utilizing 100% natural ingredients with no chemical additives, unprecedented aesthetic possibilities, and excellent handling characteristics are a considerable achievement. CERLOS products have a unique advantage over competing, traditional products by the unlimited supply/origin of the raw materials used in its manufacturing. Furthermore, the combination of its properties and the fact that at the end of each cycle use, the product can be recycled (cradle to cradle). CERLOS products are made in an environmentally responsible way. “We feel it is important to enter the marketplace first with CERLOS Siding, then CERLOS Roofing so we can bring you a fire resistant, water stable, bug, rodent and bird resistant envelope to your home saving you time, money and ultimately your life.”

Currently, the company is negotiating on a prominent site for establishing a high-capacity manufacturing facility in the Pacific Northwest. “We are also completing the manufacturing of our main proprietary pieces of equipment and filling patents.”

Robert Bedard Award

“CERLOS is 100% environmentally responsible, sustainable, and produces zero waste throughout the manufacturing process.”

Robert Bedard


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