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President Biden's 2024 drive displays it has $77 million in the bank

July 18, 2023: President Joe Biden introduced $77 million for his 2024 reelection effort in the dual quarter of 2023, the Biden-Harris campaign stated.

That massive haul took place between April 1 and June 30. The fundraising victory was spread across all of Biden’s reelection commodities, including his drive and joint fundraising boards. The joint entities also raise funds for the Democratic National Committee and all 50 state Democratic group committees.

The Biden entities ended the quarter with a combined $77 million in cash for a presidential campaign battle the following year, poised to be the most costly in American history. Vice President Kamala Harris has also actively raised for the Biden team, including attending numerous small- and high-dollar events.

Biden also outraised the 2024 movements of retired President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the leading candidates in the Republican presidential primary.

During that same period, Trump’s campaign finished raising more than $35 million. DeSantis’ campaign, officially launched in May, raised $20 million. DeSantis’ allied super political action committee, Never Back Down, has raised $130 million since DeSantis joined the race.

The Biden campaign said its $77 million cash on hand for Team Biden “represents the highest total amassed by a Democrat at any comparable point in history.”

Biden’s campaign director, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, said in a statement that their fundraising success reflects how they believe Republicans are burning through their resources in the primary.

“While Republicans are steaming through resources in a divisive primary focused on who can take the most powerful MAGA positions, we are particularly outraising every single one of them because our team’s strength is our grassroots partners,” Rodriguez said.

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