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Prince William urges to invest in nature to protect the planet and combat climate change

Prince William urges to invest in nature to protect the planet

April 12, 2021: -Britain’s Prince William has underscored the importance of investing in nature to tackle climate change and protect our planet, becoming the latest high-profile public figure to weigh in on the subject.

On Thursday, he commented at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group’s virtual spring meetings. The Duke of Cambridge said about what he meant by “intrinsic link amid climate change and nature.”

“We must invest in nature through reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and supporting healthy oceans because doing so is one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways of tackling climate change,” he added.

Even though the prince argued, investing in nature remains “a small part of global efforts and accounts for a fraction of the money spent while fighting climate change.”

He said, “All of you here at the World Bank and across each of the multilateral development banks have a crucial part to play in support of a green, valuing nature and put it at the heart of your work, and by increasing investment in a future where the natural world can thrive.”

William’s comments come when financial institutions, banks, and other organizations face intense scrutiny and calls to divest from fossil fuels and other sectors, which can be harmful towards the environment. In recent years, ideas connected to nature-based solutions (NBS) have started to have traction in some quarters.

Described by the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, as “actions which are inspired by, supported by or copied from nature,” examples of NBS are wide and varied.

They also include the installation and cultivation of green roofs and walls in urban areas to boost air quality, for instance. The restoration of forests and coral reefs could also be classified as a nature-based solution.

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