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Putin is threatening to allow Europe 'freeze' for winter, increasing the chance of energy rationing

Putin is threatening to allow Europe 'freeze' for winter

September 9, 2022: -Europe was facing a complex and unpredictable winter regarding its energy reserves as it darted to phase out all Russian imports.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin again threatened to stop all supplies completely, a movement which he hinted would leave Europe to “freeze.”

Russia has suspended gas supplies to the region, which cited technical issues on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, exiting the area vulnerable as it tries to replenish energy storage ahead of the colder months.

Responding to EU proposals to implement price caps on Russian energy imports, Putin told company managers in Vladivostok that Russia could yet decide to rip up existing supply contracts.

“Will there be any political decisions that contradict the contracts? Yes, we won’t fulfill them. We will not be supplying anything if it contradicts our interests,” Putin said at the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia’s far east.

“We will not supply gas, oil, coal, heating oil, and we will not supply anything,” Putin added.

“We would only have one thing left to do, as, in the famous Russian fairy tale, we would let the wolf’s tail freeze,” he said.

The Russian newspaper Pravda tells the tale involving a cunning fox who made a stupid wolf catch fish in the frozen river by putting his tail into an ice hole.

“The fox would hop around the desperate and hungry wolf saying “freeze, freeze, the wolf’s tail” until the ice hole froze, trapping the wolf in the ice. Men from the village then beat the wolf for all the bad things he had done to them in the summer. The wolf worked and escaped, but his tail was left in the ice hole,” Pravda stated.

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