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Rep. Jerry Nadler is beating Rep. Carolyn Maloney in a hurting New York House primary

Rep. Jerry Nadler beats Rep. Carolyn Maloney in a New York primary

August 25, 2022: -Rep. Jerry Nadler conquers his longtime colleague Rep. Carolyn Maloney in a contentious Democratic primary in New York’s recently drawn 12th Congressional District, NBC News projects.

In November’s general election, he’s assured to win the heavily Democratic district, merging Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Upper East Side in one and pitting the two lawmakers against each other.

Nadler and Maloney were elected in 1992 and had since increased to prominence in the House; Nadler chairs the Judiciary Committee, and Maloney chairs the Oversight Committee.

On Tuesday, after he cast his ballot in the Upper West Side, Nadler told NBC News intending to keep his top spot on the Judiciary panel if re-elected.

“I’ll maintain the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, and I don’t think there are many questions that that’ll happen,” Nadler added. “What I want to achieve is, I believe this country is a democratic system with a small d is threatened. And we’re in a pivotal position on the Judiciary Committee to defend that threat through voting rights legislation and administration.”

If Republicans win control of the House in the fall, Nadler would lose his committee gavel and serve as a ranking member.

Maloney is soughing to play up the gender dynamics in the race, which notes that she’s the woman who shows Manhattan in Congress and suggests that Nadler benefits from an “old boys’ network” in New York City.

A third candidate was Suraj Patel, aged 38, a former staffer for President Barack Obama who is running on a platform of generational change against the two septuagenarians.

Nadler’s chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee puts him in a position to look at the proceedings for impeachments of former President Donald Trump.

In a statement after the projected outcome, Speaker Nancy Pelosi congratulated Nadler and appreciated Maloney for “tenacious leadership,” which says she will be “profoundly missed in the Congress.”

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