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Pablo Diaz

CEO of Direct Solar America

An advocate for the growth of alternative energy available to companies, buildings, and personal homes around the world, Pablo Diaz believes in giving back to the community and encourages the switch to solar for all the positive effects it has on the earth. The steadfast leader harnesses some strong leadership qualities including being tenacious, creative, adaptable and leading by example., “It’s difficult to mandate hard work from your team when you aren’t the hardest working individual. It is quintessential to show ‘do as I do’,” says Pablo. “While these may be some of my strong leadership qualities, we would not have had the success we’ve had without all of our employees. It’s very humbling to get this recognition, but I can’t ignore the fact that all my employees are putting in the same level of effort I am and that’s why we’re able to do so well.”

Pablo goes on to state, “Usually in business, one entity gets the short end of the stick in a transaction, but the way we approach it everyone wins. The environment wins because we’re helping preserve the Earth, the customer wins because they’re saving money, the contractor wins because they’re getting business, and we win because we drive great economics to our shareholders.” Direct Solar America is at the cutting edge of solutions for alternative energy. “It’s not only about saving the environment, but it’s also about saving your pocket book. We want consumers to understand we have solutions for both homeowners and business owners where you aren’t writing a check at all and still get to reap the benefits of solar. There are a lot of possibilities out there for everyone to invest and make money on solar energy, so there’s no reason to wait.”


Bridging the Gaps

The solar industry is 11 years old, and Pablo noticed some significant pain points at the beginning and incorporated the company ten years ago as a means to bridge the gap between holes that he witnessed. “I believe we fix the intrinsic flaw that exists within the business model of a customer-contractor relationship for solar,” explains Pablo. “We provide the infrastructure that brings together all the moving parties so the customer doesn’t have to navigate all of these complexities.” Direct Solar packages the best solar products into a single solution for their customers where they take into account three primary things: technology, construction, and capital.


Direct Solar’s model allows them to provide the best of all options to the customer—for example when building a house customers do not need to worry about finding the right contractor for the job, the right technology for their needs, or the right way to structure the financing—there’s no reason to present the customer with several options because they wouldn’t know which ones are best for their needs. The company navigates those complexities for them and offers a final solution which is best for their individual needs. Direct Solar is an unbiased one-stop-shop solution for customers, where they also provide customer support throughout the entire process.


Building the Future

Today, Direct Solar has culminated into a network of experts in the solar industry, by leveraging the knowledge of all their partners and contractors. “We work with over 70 contractors that are each following the latest technology trends from their own research and we leverage their expertise to help customers get the best available systems,” says Pablo. “One thing that’s important to note is that just because there is a new technology doesn’t mean it will be the best option for a customer.” Pablo and his team of experts try to interlace the technology with the economics, since solar is ultimately about making money for the customer. “There may be good technology out there that isn’t a good economic decision for our customer. Over 95% of solar consumers are purchasing it because it saves them money,” he adds.


The current solar market has less than 2 percent market penetration, making it wide open and there are three main segments of consumers in this space—people that want the cheapest solution, people that want the best bang for their buck, and people that want the best of everything regardless of the price. “The middle option is ~80% of the consumers and it’s exactly who our second-to-none brokerage model caters to the best. That said for that 10% demographic that loves the best of everything, w. We definitely got you covered too!” adds Pablo. “Our commercial development pipeline is $57 million right now at some point of development, we have another $40 million in projects we’re trying to fund for other developers, and our residential pipeline is onboarding new customers daily.”

Pablo Diaz award

“ There are a lot of possibilities out there for everyone to invest and make money on solar energy, so there’s no reason to wait. ”

Pablo Diaz

CEO of Direct Solar America

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