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Serving with an Honor Code | Laith R. Khoury

Laith R. Khoury


For Laith R. Khoury, CEO, Spartan Services & Consulting, honor code is extremely important. “Many companies neglect to incorporate an honor code. However, I was fortunate enough to attend Culver Academies by the good grace of my father, where they taught me one of the greatest codes which I motivate all my team to embrace—I will not lie, cheat, or steal; and I will discourage others from such actions—there is less money to be made in the short-term, but in the long run, an honor code will build a sustainable business,” describes Laith.

Spartan Services & Consulting’s client-centric partnership approach to each client’s true needs has allowed them to act as an advisory consultant in tandem with their services. From top to bottom, the company is completely transparent with their clients and internally with each other. “We trust our internal recruitments team to hire people who are experts in their fields, and as such when we hire people to do something, we give them the space to shine and advise us on best practices. – Simply put, we do not micro-manage.”

Spartan Service Corp. is a boutique HR Outsourcing Firm located in Jordan and remotely here in the USA, serving the MENA region in addition to North America and Western Europe. As the human resource management industry is constantly changing and evolving, the company is continuously embracing these changes by offering a modern and contemporary approach to all of its services.

Under the aegis of Laith—a singer and songwriter alongside being a full-time leader—Spartan Services & Consulting has seen immense growth. The steadfast leader has also culminated in being a support system to the budding entrepreneurs who are out there trying hard to establish themselves. “Entrepreneurs face many challenges, threats, fears, and internal doubts that need a support system. Keeping that in mind, we as an entrepreneurial community need to stop this toxic competitive atmosphere and acknowledge that there is strength in collaboration; even amongst competitors,” he explains. “Competition is only healthy if everyone can socially agree to engage with it in a sportsmanship mentality.”

Laith has learned some important leadership lessons throughout his career, contributing to his becoming a pioneering leader. For him hiring genuine professionals who care and align with the company’s vision and values is of utmost importance. Sharing some of the lessons, “It all comes down to allowing room for mistakes; or as we call them, learning opportunities,” he says. “Hierarchy is for order, not ego. The true job of management and ownership is to empower and best serve your team to succeed—whatever they need to succeed, you must provide.” Let the team meet potential key-role candidates and listen to the team’s feedback is another important advice, Laith imparts. Armed with this ideology, Laith is assisting numerous firms worldwide to achieve greatness.

No matter its size, every business deserves access to top-tier expertise and professional and detail-oriented HR support. Spartan Services & Consulting has developed flexible and customizable HR advisory & outsourcing solutions that suit every business’s needs. Whether an organization already hasan internal human resources professional who would benefit from additional support or want to unleash their back office by having a team manage their strategic and operational human resources initiatives, Spartan Services & Consulting is committed to serving as a resource of expertise for them and their business.

In order to stay ahead in the industry, Spartan Services & Consulting invest heavily in technology, and they know there is no one size fits all. Simply put, one must have a budget for trial, error, and mix & matching until they find the right formula to deliver quality and timeliness. “As your business grows and evolves, cookie-cutter tech solutions may no longer cut it. At that point it is in your interest to consider developing your own technology,” he says. “This is how a company can attain success. Success is a never-ending journey. But we began to find the right path at the end of 2021 when we stopped compromising top talent due to budget constraints… Today, if we can’t afford the top talent, we will find a way to finance them joining the team. As Red Adair said it best-If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

The services Spartan Services & Consulting offer are Talent Search Consulting/ Research oriented approach, Strategic HR Advisory, Operational HR outsourcing, and Employer of Record offshoring & in-shoring. Their solutions are holistic and comprehensive because whether we are only offering recruitment as a service or something else. As a partner, Spartan Services & Consulting give insights to their clients to provide them with the right perspective for success and growth. Clients who have adhered to Spartan Services & Consulting expert advice have always had a significantly larger ROI. “We empathize with the clients, candidates, and all stakeholders from the clients perspective; and as a result, we always create the win/win scenarios,” elucidates Laith. “We do our best to offer a full-solution via our Human Capital Services.”

Recently, Spartan Service Corp.’s CEO, Laith, and USAID’s Business Growth Activities Chief of Party, Wafa’a M. Aranki celebrated the signing of an advisory agreement to help expand their business and reach services. “This will help us to expand globally. Spartan Services & Consulting is also a frontrunner for “Best Global Recruitment & Headhunting Services Company 2022” for the Management Consulting Awards 2022 on Wealth & Finance International,” proudly says Laith. “The recognition we are getting from the industry is because of our hard work and honor code. For the days to come, we will stick to our vision and mission in providing the best services to our clients and ensure they are able to gain productivity and enhanced ROI.”

" We are showcasing our impeccable product in the harsh environment it belongs in, whilst using the platform of global brands to help communicate a message about men’s mental health. "

Laith R. Khoury


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