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Sharing Knowledge to Heal

Sharing Knowledge to Heal | Irfan Sattar

Irfan Sattar

CEO of Greeniche Natural Health

Irfan Sattar, CEO of Greeniche Natural Health, is a people’s man in the true sense. His focus is always on achieving results through empowering and developing his team. He invests a lot of time and energy in paying individual attention to the strengths and weaknesses of his team members and ensuring a conducive and result-oriented environment that offers equal opportunity for growth and rewards for everyone. He is technically proficient with an undergraduate degree in life sciences, an MBA in Marketing, and an MS in Management Science. Add to that over 25 years of global experience, and the profile is fit for leading any organization effectively and efficiently.

Irfan is an ardent reader and has learned from the writings of management thinkers like Philip Kotler, Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Napoleon Hill, Jack Trout, Warren Buffet, etc. and by following the careers of business leaders like Steve Jobs, Lee Iacocca, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, Jack Welsch, and others. He tries to pick up the best practices, adapt them to suit his professional situations, and add from his own experience to develop ideas that work for him. He does not believe in following a particular management style or set of theories but in continuous improvement and self-development.

According to the steadfast leader, the most challenging part of being a CEO is maintaining a balance between productivity and human concerns. “You are responsible for managing the organization profitably and at the same time lookout for the well-being of your team and that is not always easy,” he says. “However, ignoring one for the other can lead to significant issues, which you need to avoid to keep the organization firmly on the path to success and having a motivated, committed and productive team.” He says that the most significant virtue for any business leader is patience and a firm commitment to people development. The strategy takes time to yield results, but it never fails in the long run. The conventional approach of building revenues before investing in people and processes does not work in today’s competitive environment. “You must lay a foundation, assemble a formidable team, build a strong products portfolio, and then numbers will start building up. If you do the things right without compromising on quality and people matters, success will take care of itself.”

Rediscovering Ancient Knowledge of The Healing Powers

The latest healthcare trend is to rediscover ancient wisdom, validate it scientifically, and develop product concepts that complement mainstream allopathic medicines or provide an alternative to them. When it comes to countries like Canada with a longer life expectancy, there are more reasons to develop healthcare products that can help people manage their health conditions for a more extended period. Indian Ayurveda, Chinese Medicines, and Western Herbal healthcare philosophies all offer time-tested and effective remedies, which are now being validated by modern science, paving ways towards developing supplements, which can be used as adjunct therapies as single therapeutic options. Lower incidences of side effects and safety in long-term use make these products an attractive option for the population. Greeniche Natural Health Inc. is at the forefront of alternative medicines with consequences for health conditions like Diabetes, Kidney/Liver/Prostate problems, Menopause, deteriorating eyesight, etc., and health foods like natural sweeteners, workout supplements, immunity boosters, and superfoods.

The company offers natural formulations that are certified halal, kosher, and vegan ensure that they meet the diverse dietary requirements. North America is the land of immigrants, making the population’s makeup highly diverse in terms of nutritional needs based on religion, culture, and ethnicity. Greeniche products with Vegan, Kosher, and Halal Certifications and attributes like Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, and non-GMO not only make them suitable for the mainstream market but also offers excellent options to people following specific dietary preferences. That truly makes Greeniche a company that provides healthcare options for everyone.

Essential Benefits of Using A Plant-Based Supplement

 It is much more than putting plants extracts into a powder form. It is about finding the synergy between ingredients, making the dosage convenient for the consumers, and researching to substantiate claims for approvals by the health authorities. Once you come up with the correct formulation, the results can be long-lasting and without any ill-effects making it a reliable option for long-term management of health conditions. Side effects from allopathic medications are a significant concern for people with certain health conditions requiring continuous management. They prefer opting for plant-based supplements for their healthcare needs.

The technologies they employ can be categorized under two areas: marketing/sales & operations systems. Their technology platform is customized to link manufacturing, inventory management, logistics, and finance/accounting to ensure effective and efficient resource management. On the other hand, marketing is supported with analytical tools helping their team optimize performance on the websites, Amazon, and other selling platforms, analyzing efficiency and productivity of the sales team through routing, cost analysis, ordering data, and follow-up requirements.

In a noticeably short period, Greeniche Natural Health has become a widely admired brand in more than 2,000 pharmacies across Canada besides grocery stores. “We are also the only company in Canada with our own sales kiosks in major supermarkets staffed by our own staff and POS systems,” says Irfan. “A strong online presence is in addition to retail. We are also known for our community support initiatives including scholarships, sponsorships, and donations to the needy and worthy causes.”

“We passionately believe that in the fullness of time, Greeniche products will be in every household in the markets we have a presence. For the days to come, the company is entering the global marketplaces starting with the USA, Singapore, UK, and Pakistan during 2022. We have a robust new products’ pipeline which will keep delivering products in areas unaddressed by most other companies. Research in new ingredients and delivery systems is an ongoing activity at Greeniche and we aim to continue strengthening our offerings during the years to come,” adds Irfan.


Irfan Sattar award

“You must lay a foundation, assemble a formidable team, build a strong products portfolio, and then numbers will start building up.”

Irfan Sattar

CEO of Greeniche Natural Health

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