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Spearheading Positive Social & Environmental Changes | Gregory Baker

Gregory Baker


Gregory Baker can be termed a futurist who believes in disrupting the status quo to transform the industry and enact change. He has a track record of starting, growing, and acquiring businesses within the financial sector, demonstrating his resilience and drive to make a change. His enthusiasm and motivation for the industry have allowed him to make critical connections and build a strong team of like-minded individuals who are inspired to create positive social and environmental change through Gregory and his team’s work.

One of Gregory’s most inspirational role models is Ray Dallio, founder of Bridgewater Associates (the American Hedge Fund) and regarded as one of the greatest innovators in the finance world. “I regard his book Principles as genius and recommend it as not only a great business read but also for personal growth,” he shares. “I admire his philosophies and the way he has adapted himself and his business through many challenging situations.”

For Gregory, the biggest challenge is making big decisions that don’t always turn out as one would hope or expect.

For him, some of the difficulties of being a CEO is juggling multiple projects, launches, and products at the same time – it’s a lesson in time management, but ultimately the result is so rewarding. But the positive aspect of being a leader in creating, making positive change, and innovating. Nevertheless, the best part is watching a business evolve and sharing that with a fantastic team that has worked together to make it happen.

According to Gregory, in the UK, the planning system is old and slow; therefore, the delivery of homes is not keeping up with demand, especially at the affordable end of the market. The population is growing for several reasons, but not enough homes and infrastructure are being delivered at the same pace, and that is both the opportunity and challenge for Intro Crowd. “We aim to be part of the solution that addresses this issue that prevents so many people that should own a home be able to do so.” At Intro

Ethically conscious investing is at the heart of Intro Crowd’s ethos, and providing genuinely affordable homes is the main focus for each development. “Our mission has evolved into creating projects that have a big social and positive environmental impact. We believe that affordable homes can be delivered en-mass by utilising modern methods of construction,” explains Gregory. These methods can rapidly increase delivery timescale, meaning more homes can be built in areas of high demand – and quickly. The other benefit to using these methods is that they are often more environmentally friendly. This is by utilizing sustainable materials during the build or simply ensuring homes are more energy-efficient and use renewable energy sources.

“We are very aware that we cannot achieve what we want to achieve by ourselves which is why we believe in the power of partnerships and virtual teams,” says Gregory. “We have relationships with large organisations with amazing track records including some of the best consultants, architects, planners and environmental consultants in the business.” Recently, Gregory and his team started developing relationships with Housing Associations to ensure most of their schemes deliver 100% affordable housing. “Investors can benefit from being involved in

projects that historically would have really only been open to the large housing developers via our online platform,” he adds. “We work with investors that are appropriately qualified to invest in our type of schemes and all of our projects can be seen on our online platform.”

Gregory believes that Intro Crowd has a fantastic piece of technology that has brought a very modern approach to a housing market that he considers outdated. “From the outset we have known that our approach is pioneering, and we continue to break new ground,” he says. “We believe that moving forward wellness is going to become a key part of everyone’s life as we move into the new world and hopefully get a grip on Covid.”

For the days to come, Intro Crowd focuses its core strategy on delivering an incredible project that provides huge positive social, environmental, and economic impact. “Our customers will benefit from being involved in projects that make a difference in the affordable housing space as well as the wellness industry which will be even more important in a post-Covid world,” elucidates Gregory.

“Your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up. Investments made on this platform are generally illiquid. Projections of future performance are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Actual dividends may be lower than estimated. Investments should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Individuals are strongly encouraged to seek independent legal and financial advice when considering an investment in strategic land. Please see Risks for more information. Intro Crowd is a trading name of Falcon International Financial Services Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm reference number 469499”

" At Intro Crowd, they make strategic land their business, and the company’s platform is designed to make the investment process as straightforward as possible for their investors. "

Gregory Baker


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