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Sustainability in leadership

Sustainability in leadership

A great leader is not one who creates change but one who provides an environment in which the growth of people around them can occur naturally. That’s where the role of sustainability in leadership comes into the picture.

Sustainable leadership is a process of influence that delivers direction, alignment, and commitment and aims to address social, environmental, and economic issues to create a better world. Hence, someone aiming towards incorporating sustainability into their organization would do well to consider the following:

  1. The hen that lays the Golden Egg: Or, that is to say, a sustainable leader ought to keep long-term goals in mind rather than short-term achievements. In theory, this seems quite reasonable, but a good leader would do well to remember these words even in times of strife or low patches, as a consistent effort will almost unquestionably result in a better outcome than the pursuit of short-term goals.
  2. Know thy team: A sustainable leader’s most important task is to maintain the morale of his team members not by pulling rank but rather by connecting with each of them through shared interests and camaraderie, and healthy respect born out of meaningful conversations. Team building activities can go only so far in ensuring this and are no match for true approachability and enthusiasm shown by the leader.
  3. A fool believes himself wiser than any wise man could: A truly sustainable leader is one who knows his weaknesses and is unafraid of seeking help from more experienced or qualified members when it comes to said matters. However, this could be taken a step further by educating oneself regarding issues as they arise so as to be better equipped for the future.
  4. The power of wonder: of all the desirable qualities in a sustainable leader, this is perhaps the most coveted and elusive: the ability to think creatively and outside the box so as to identify new ways of solving issues at as low an expense of manpower and resources as possible. Such a practice will allow for greater efficiency as well as better time management, which further results in improved morale and productivity.

Yes, one can always climb a wall in one’s way if there has always been a ladder going over it, but a good leader would find an easier way around – a hidden door through which to access the utopia of a successful, sustainable leadership model.

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