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From the year 2009 – 10 as the US market was just coming out of the recession, the smart entrepreneurs started some firms which happened to be innovative enterprises for the past decade, emerged as the fast-growing social media empires.

1. Facebook

A brilliant thought of Mark Zuckerberg and his friends at the Harvard college, Facebook turned out to be number one social media networking site all over the world with the total revenue crossing US $55 Billion. Facebook employs more than 43000 employees.

2. Instagram

Another American firm started in the year 2010, has become the household name for sharing the photos and videos throughout the world. More than 900 million users use Instagram is the people favorite.

3. SnapChat

It was the subject of a million jokes when Snapchat debuted in 2011 over what advances it could bring to sexting. It turns out that the founders of Snap and the producers of content expected correctly the gradual shortening of attention spans of people. Nearly every social platform will copy its addictive and advertiser-friendly recipe within years. Admirable as well: the stubborn reluctance of its founders to sell and the company’s impressive power. Together, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy control 95% of the voting power of the organization.

4. Twitter

Initially a micro-blogging experiment, the reach of Twitter has spread to socio-political movements and has fueled real revolutions. Many of its well-documented consequences were calamitous — from circulating racist memes to encouraging people to be threatened directly. Today, the role of the organization in sparking the Arab Spring, climate walk-outs, and a million other mini-movements, sheds light on its profound, lasting cultural influence.

These fabulous enterprises took up the challenges and found the space in the lives of people. They are so famous that they have become the integral part of people’s life.

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