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The 3 Golden eggs in a Leader’s Basket

The 3 Golden eggs in a Leader’s Basket

We all know how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live and work forever. Businesses had to alter their strategy at the drop of a hat as industries were entirely disrupted. Business and community leaders have had to stand up to the challenge like never before, and their success — like that of many other leaders before them — isn’t by chance.

Soft skills are the keys to producing the most tangible value for yourself and your company. Hard skills are important in every professional setting, but soft skills are the key to creating the most essential values for yourself and your company. It’s not just about the numbers when it comes to growth; it’s about how to surround yourself with great minds successfully and how to take an organization to the next level.


Here are the top three qualities exhibited by our century’s all-time leaders who don’t just lead but consider paving the way of employee engagement as a key element to an organization’s success:

  1. Lifelong learning and development

There was a time when we had no idea how to accomplish the work we do now. An effective leader identifies and invests in the talents of those around them. It’s actually quite simple. Competence and dedication lead to mastery, and mastery of one’s skill is one of life’s most outstanding achievements. Investing in your team will gradually pay off in the long run. Employee welfare should not be considered as an extra expenditure that eats into profits but rather as a powerful energizer that can propel the business to new heights.

  1. The art of crystal-clear communication

We now live in a digitally disruptive era. Life has become easier as a result of innovation, but it has also introduced new challenges. Written text, for instance, whether in prose or short Slack messages, could be misunderstood, so always talk and write clearly and concisely. To get your idea across, use a specific language and provide real-life examples for better comprehension. Pay attention during staff meetings and make sure you provide context when passing information to your co-workers. Assist everyone in grasping the broad and little picture.

  1. Exchanging ideas and brainstorming during meetings

Surrounding yourself with individuals from diverse backgrounds allows for various viewpoints to emerge, which naturally leads to friendly and healthy debates. When sharing your point of view, try to use data or reasoning whenever possible. Good leaders should be thrilled when the best idea wins, regardless of who proposed it. Encourage others in your team to ask questions, be curious, and keep track of what’s going on. Everyone provides a unique perspective, and the more variety, the better the meeting would be.

Good leaders are aware of the current situation, but they also plan for the future – the months and years ahead. And, like with anything else in life, dedication pays off. The only restriction you place on yourself is the one you set for yourself.

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