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The Brave Leader Surging towards Success | Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP

The Brave Leader Surging towards Success | Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP

Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP

Co-Founder & CEO

The tattoo on Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP, Co-Founder & CEO, Summit Strategy says, ‘Never Settle,’ and that is the attitude she has honed to be successful. Krystn is a healthy balance of resilience, determination, a growth mindset, and good humor. In addition, she tends to attract just the right amount of serendipity. Having dreamt of owning a business for over a decade, Krystn has never deterred from her path and followed her dreams to make them come true. “Taking the plunge to start Summit was the first time in a long time that I had done something completely new. And there is no playbook. Right when I was at the pinnacle of my career – finger snap – I was suddenly back to feeling like an utter novice but with way more responsibility.”

Krystn and her business partner Hayley knew going into this entrepreneurial journey, they wanted to support other female business owners as much as possible. “We made that one of our priorities. We knew that part of being a successful business owner means surrounding yourself with experts to help you make the best decisions for your company,” she says. “And we made sure to hire experts who are also women-owned businesses to receive help in areas that we knew little to nothing about (HR, Taxes, IT, Insurance). We cannot be an expert in everything. From contract terms, employment law, and cybersecurity insurance – we’ve primarily networked with female business owners, who – like us – are authorities in their field, branching out as small business entrepreneurs.”

Empowering & Inspiring

Krystn and her team support small, woman-owned businesses who may not have the resources or the know-how in the area of expertise that Summit Strategy brings. “We get so much satisfaction and fulfillment when you accomplish something that might seem small on our end, but their whole world has changed because of our guidance and skill,” adds the steadfast leader. “I love the happiness that comes from watching them light up when they see a new marketing or proposal document we create. Or to see the proverbial light turn on when a client says, “Oh! Now I can win this contract!” We are often the catalyst that helps that along.”

Krystn is a true inspiration for her team members, but it starts right from the hiring process. “I hope that my attitude and my actions inspire – I live by a philosophy that if there’s something you want, go get it. If you have a dream, follow it, and make it a reality. I show that – actionably – every day for my team. I think that inspires them,” explains Krystn. “We’re very goal oriented, and we’re willing to try things out, even if they seem wonky or weird. Hayley and I are building a network and an environment where all the people involved want to do the right thing and the best thing – and they want to work hard for us and for our clients. So that, too, is empowering.”

The company also works with great professionals, like proposal managers, marketers, writers, and graphic designers. They will also take on specialized leadership roles as Summit expands the business into specialized areas, and they are eager for that expanding role when the time is right.

Building A Brand

For Summit Strategy, every day feels like an outstanding achievement because they are revolutionary just by being! In other words, the company is unique in that it is one of the few businesses offering integrated marketing and proposal development. The company is bringing both sides of the house, helping clients brand themselves and get positioned in the marketplace. And helping them win the business once they’re positioned ideally. “We don’t just create brand “stuff;” we’re focused on helping businesses grow and win contracts.”

Krystn is a pioneer in creating and leading the Intentional Career Path (ICP) Committee, an Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)-affiliated initiative promoting the proposal industry as a career path, helping to make it an intentional career choice. A key component of the ICP committee is to create paths and partnerships with educational institutions to help introduce and promote the profession and APMP. “We’re going to emulate the program through Summit, hiring interns who are in business, communications, or marketing and who have never even heard of “proposals,” and we’ll train them and show them that this is a viable and lucrative career path. And that makes me happy.”

One of the big goals Summit Strategy is currently developing is a professional training program. They want to take ALL the expertise and tools they have learned and bundle it up to share with others – especially so small businesses can flourish without always relying on external resources. “We’re also creating really exciting benefits packages as part of an HR initiative for our full-time employees! Solidifying a core group of full-time experts to help us achieve our annual revenue goal (and to help drive customer loyalty) is a top priority for us next year.”

The company is going from zero to at least five W2 employees within the next 12 months. And building that foundation is core to any company, so Krystn is looking forward to the process and focusing on building up the business’s infrastructure so that she can reap the fruits of her labor. “Right now my life is consumed by business, business, and more business. And it has been since we started a little over a year ago. And that’s great because we’re willing to make that sacrifice to get Summit to the next level.”

Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP Award

" We’re very goal oriented, and we’re willing to try things out, even if they seem wonky or weird. "

Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP

Summit Strategy

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