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The Guardian Angel | Joel Anaya

Joel Anaya


Joel Anaya, CEO of OnView Integrated Solutions, has been instrumental in building the company from the ground up. His innovation and vision transformed the way the company has scaled its business. OnView is a security provider bringing proactive solutions specifically designed to deter suspicious behavior in real-time before the crime occurs.

He is a passionate crime fighter and integrator with a law enforcement background and a security technology background. He focuses on customers’ needs by identifying their pain points and partners with his customers in infiltrating criminal activity. He is truly talented in designing proactive deterrent solutions and thinking outside the box to be more disruptive in crime deterrence.

Joel is more of a role model. He is self-made and didn’t follow anyone’s lead role in where he is today. He credits the men and woman he served with throughout his law enforcement career and utilized the power of networking with the community, allied agencies, and businesses to fight crime in partnership.

“A partnership is important with implementation because solutions are more effective when everyone plays a role.”

Intelligent Tech

OnView greatest technology is their nuisance alerting system. This is a good example of developing new ways to combat criminal activity. Their Nuisance Alert System allows the customers to alert OnView when nuisance activity is present. Today, nuisance activity is rarely handled with law enforcement response. Now, community services resource officers and mental health advocates respond to most calls the public believes to be a nuisance. “We put a system in place that disrupts and deters activity when observed by our customers. We created a way for our customers to alert us when they observe activity and need response.” Just another idea Joel brought to the company that became a game-changer in our crime deterrent solutions. “What separates us from our competitors is our ability to deploy security response, nationwide.”

The company’s integrated Crime Deterrent System with video intrusion technology provides a canopy of virtual protection, leaving your customers with a virtual security guard watching over their property and community. They utilize Immix, a central monitoring platform, coupled with analytic deterrent software, to monitor criminal elements and events accurately and effectively. OnView sets the bar high when it comes to perimeter defense. The reason is, they have several layers of protection from the outside in. This model includes motion-activated video alerts, audio & visual deterrent devices that activate upon detection, and On-demand Guard Response. They include network and system communication redundancy and implement cyber security protocols to enhance protection against internal and external threats to their operations and customer interest.

They have replaced the old traditional courtesy patrol model with a more proactive approach to suppress criminal activity. “We developed and deployed our own version of On-Demand Guard Response, nationwide. This is very similar to UBER. We partnered with security companies throughout the country and created a new successful profit-sharing model that incentivizes the responder to respond,” explains Joel. “Our customers now have an extra layer of physical response for video verified events. This helps the security industry in all facets, including law enforcement. On-demand Guard Response has a huge impact on crime deterrence.” This allows OnView to provide a complete solution to our customers. Their solution offers opportunities for both industries, private security, and video monitoring. By bridging the gap between the two industries, we now have a bigger advantage in stopping crime in real-time.

Joel believes their sales strategy separates them from their competitors. “We’ve noticed the stigma surrounding private guard services is a marketing pinpoint our competitors use to sway customer sales,” elucidates the steadfast leader. “The truth is, without physical security response, your left with calling the police as your only option. Today, the is a dark cloud hanging heavy over law enforcement. The morale is at an all-time low, and most agencies have a huge vacancy deficit to fill. That leaves non-emergency type calls or nuisance related events to go unanswered. In most police agencies across the country, nuisance type calls have a non-response protocol in place. The new norm is to file a report online and hope for the best.”

Making Customers a Priority

For OnView, customers are the priority. Every nuisance-related event is responded to, virtually or physically. They have released On-Demand Guard Response through innovation and consistent development as a new factor in non-emergency response. “That is how we are changing the traditional standardized private security services sector.”

Private communities that experienced criminal activity such as auto burglary, package thefts, break-ins, trespassing, and loitering paid an average of $72000-144,000 – annually security solutions. The results made minimal impact on crime reduction. Bad google reviews and the negative experience stayed consistent. In one case, OnView had a customer ready to file bankruptcy after noticing a consistent decline in tenant occupancy: several million-dollar losses. After installing OnView Crime Deterrent systems, the reduction in criminal activity was immediate and substantial. OnView reduced criminal activity by 80% within the first month and 95% by the end of the quarter. The cost caparison was significantly different for stationary security guards onsite, round the clock, and remote video monitoring. OnView saved the customer thousands of dollars annually, changed the tenant experience with a positive impact on vacancy rates, and increased the property’s value by several millions of dollars.

That same customer (owner of the community property) believed in OnView; he became a board member. “Most of our customers have similar circumstance and experiences. Customers who preferred to keep their current physical security services onsite, we simply vetted and onboarded their preferred security provider and turned them into one of our partners,” says Joel. “Another example on how we help our On-Demand Guard Response partners generate new net profit within our portfolio.”

Towards the Future

One of OnView’s biggest achievements is the way they pivoted from a private security company with over 300 security guards and moved towards technology to increase better results and ROI. They have scalability that allows them to reach across the country. One of the biggest accomplishments OnView has had was forming a global partnership with one of the largest VARs in the world. Leveraging sales and marketing through their global partnership gives the company astronomical growth potential and nationwide scalability.

Joel plans on taking OnView solutions to the next level. The nuisance alerting system is the next phase in active deterrence. They have some of the most talented engineers and developers aligned with OnView vision and direction and are planning to roll out another version of On-Demand Guard Response that will certainly be a game-changer. “I would like to highlight our customers and staff that really helped with OnView’s success. Without the talented crime analyst agents and support from our customers, our growth wouldn’t have been possible.”

" We put a system in place that disrupts and deters nuisance activity when observed by our customers. We created a way for our customers to alert us when they observe activity and need immediate intervention. "

Joel Anaya


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