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February 11, 2020: With over 31,500 people confirmed infection and more than 1000 deaths in China would impact the Electronics Manufacturing big time. As the lunar new year was supposed to end on January 30 and now it is been expected that the employees will join back to the office by February 18th and every year 80-85% of the people turn up after the lunar new year. Not sure, how much would turn up after the Corona Virus infection been spread all over.

It is said that 54% of the electronics goods all over the world are manufactured from 2.8M companies in China and most of the production of the electronic goods needs human touch which is missing with the impact of the virus. The Supply chain is predicted to slow down and the companies are not sure how they would increase the rate of production once it is restarted. The manufacturing process is the manual process wherein a mobile or a laptop to be configured then it would need multiple electronics to be designed and built manually and the companies are with the worse possible prediction of employees returning to work.

Companies in the United States are looking for alternatives, some companies have canceled the p earlier and are working on the new prototype design which will help them not to wait for products from China. Some are going ahead with printed circuit boards and using 3D printing to reduce the waiting time in the states. Even though if China starts the production the United States is not going to change the immigration rule for the near future.

What would affect the most?

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