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The NATO chief stated that the Poland explosion was probably due to a Ukrainian missile but is not blaming Ukraine

Its likely a Ukrainian missile caused the Poland explosion

November 17, 2022: -On Thursday, NATO said there was no sign that the missile strike that reached a Poland border village was deliberate, which states that Russia was ultimately to blame as it mostly bombarded Ukraine with rockets.

The military secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, said the missile incident occurred “as Russia launched a huge wave of rocket attacks across Ukraine.”

While the investigation continued into the incident, he added, “there was no result this was the outcome of a deliberate attack” and no sign it was a result of “offensive military acts against NATO.”

Preliminary analysis, as previously stated, suggests the problem was caused by a Ukrainian air defence missile fired to intercept a Russian rocket.

“Let me be clear; this is not because of Ukraine. Russia bears the ultimate responsibility as it keeps its war against Ukraine,” he said.

The comments come following the alliance’s North Atlantic Council held an emergency following the missile strike that attacked Poland on Tuesday, killing two civilians.

Early Wednesday morning, The Associated Press reported, which cited three unnamed U.S. people, that preliminary assessments indicated “the missile that struck Poland is fired by Ukrainian forces at a Russian missile.”

Different media agencies, which include NBC News, cited similar details; Reuters stated a NATO source which says President Joe Biden is telling the G-7 and NATO partners that the strike was because of “a Ukrainian air defence missile.” In contrast, The Wall Street Journal has seen two senior Western officials say on the preliminary U.S. assessments saying the missile was from a Ukrainian air defence system.

Those assessments showed after Biden said that it was “unlikely” the missile was coming from Russia, citing the rocket’s trajectory. President Andrzej Duda of Poland noted Wednesday that there was no sign that this was an intentional fire on Poland.

“There are many signs that it was an air defence rocket, which unfortunately decreased on Polish territory,” Duda said.

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