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The PGA Tour stated that Tiger Woods would enter its policy board

August 3, 2023: On Tuesday, the PGA Tour stated that Tiger Woods would enter its policy board, a compromise meant to give players additional input and oversight as negotiations resume for its controversial agreement with Saudi supported LIV Golf.

Woods joined the board less than a month after retired AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson resigned because of concerns regarding the Saudi investment.

The move comes as controversy has surrounded the tour since it announced a proposed agreement that would combine with LIV Golf, backed by the KSA Public Investment Fund, an entity controlled by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Europe’s DP World Tour.

Until the offered agreement was revealed, the PGA Tour and LIV were embroiled in antitrust lawsuits thrown at each other as players left the tour for big paydays at LIV. The issues have since been squashed.

So far, only a framework agreement has been met, and PGA player directors will have to sign off on an eventual definitive agreement. The proposed deal has been met with ire and confusion from lawmakers, tour members, and fans.

The tour stated that it reached this new contract to ensure it “lives up to its mission of being a player-driven organization, ‘for the players, by the players.'” Woods will be the sixth player director on the board, including five independent directors and the PGA of America director.

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