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The Technology Expert

The Technology Expert | Tarcisio Vergani

Tarcisio Vergani

President & Group CEO at N-and Group

Tarcisio Vergani, President & Group CEO at N-and Group, is a visionary leader and wanted to introduce ‘future proofed’ technology in the market to allow consumers to have a unique and dynamic experience when buying products from an automatic machine. He wanted customers to have a single platform suitable to different machine brands, and use it on both new and existing ones–promoting a circular business model giving machines in the field a second life, as well as complying with the Industry 4.0 requirements–alongside increasing “same store sales” through new services and new business models.

N-and Group was born to play a leading role in automating the retail business. The steadfast leader approached the market at a time of frustration caused by a disjointed value chain. Operators focused on improving in-store sales; however, they had neither innovative products nor the right technology required by a more sophisticated consumer’s need. Tarcisio’s vision and N-and Group’s products were fitting perfectly with this opportunity, which he eagerly pursued. It was a push uphill because he wanted the Operator to see the value, choose N-and Group’s technology, and then push it onto the manufacturers. This way to approach the market had never been done before in the industry, it destabilized and challenged many boundaries at that time.Today we can see how successful this strategy was, as N-and Group has grown every year with three digits CAGR since then.

“Anything we do is directly linked to creating value for our customers through a proactive approach, as we grow if our customers are successful.It is a win-win situation. N-and Group has always worked behind the scenes to allow the customers to shine, enabling them to extend their brand image and the product they sell. They see us as an extension of their business, because they can count on us and on our ability to identify and execute what is required to succeed”.Now that their platform is the most used and growing in the market, N-and Group is recognized as a leader and THE go-to company. “For the days to come, our main goal is to continue to transform the automatic retail business by leading the way to increase same store sales through disrupting technologies and new services”, says Tarcisio.

As an established leader, Tarcisio states that having a clear vision and working passionately to achieving it is the secret to success. “Passion is contagious! Face the challenges with an open mind and with humility. Remember, “A fish rots from the head down.” You are the leader of your organization, be willing to take responsibilities”, he advises leaders across all industries.

Tarcisio’s passion and determination are shared by his team, who respects and follows him with confidence. “The Team is key to N-and Group’s success. The philosophy underling the relationship among our team members is to belong to a family, prior to a business. Diversity is also key in our company, as different cultural and professional background combined bring different perspectives to the table enhancing our ability to innovate” says Tarcisio.

People feel safe both professionally and personally because Tarcisio is a responsible and trustworthy leader, and his actions are driven by ethical principles and down to heart attitude. This was visible when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and he made it his mission to ensure employees’ safety and business continuity throughout the lockdown. He has tried to alleviate his team’s burden by ensuring they did not have to worry about their job to focus on their safety, their  loved ones, and the daily business tasks.

This pandemic has stretched the boundaries and caused an essential downturn in revenue, adding pressure to the business. Still, N-and Group’s motivation and willingness to succeed have not been dimed. While many businesses have been looking at short term and survival strategies, Tarcisio’s focus was to adapt N-and Group’s product strategy to this “revisited world” we live in, transforming this unforeseen situation into an opportunity. “Technology cycle times must get shorter, and even in the pandemic we are pushing full steam ahead key technological enhancements” says Tarcisio. “N-and’s development team is actively working on the integration of blockchains for preventative maintenance, the evolution of User Interfaces from 2D to 3D with holographic technologies and a new software platform called VendAware™ which allows customers to fully customize their UI based on analytics and deep learning”.


Tarcisio Vergani award

“We challenge boundaries and offer a different point of view. Our customers trust our ability to deliver value.”

Tarcisio Vergani

President & Group CEO at N-and Group

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