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The U.K. could deploy the army to deliver fuel as drivers panic buy gasoline

The U.K. could deploy the army to deliver fuel

September 28, 2021: -Britain could bring in the army to deliver gasoline after a weekend of panic buying left gas stations around the country without fuel.

Long queues of cars were had been seen outside U.K. gas stations in recent days, as drivers attempted to fill their vehicles after media reports of an impending shortage.

A significant lack of truck drivers has meant deliveries of fuel and goods have recently fallen short in Britain.

According to British media reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson considers using military personnel to deliver fuel to gas stations.

On Sunday, Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said that he had exempted the fuel industry from U.K. competition laws. He would allow companies to “share information and prioritize fuel delivery to areas most in need.”

Although, thousands of truck drivers are set to be granted temporary U.K. visas in the run-up to Christmas in an attempt to limit supply disruption ahead of the festive period.

On Monday, Gordon Balmer, executive director of the U.K.’s Petrol Retailers Association, told LBC News that temporary visas would ease supply constraints to an extent but added that it was not enough. He said he was hoping that the government was indeed considering measures such as drafting in the army.

“A lot of people have filled up over the weekend; many people only fill up once a month,” he said. “That might give us respite to start to replenish stocks over the next few days.”

On Monday, it comes as the PRA told Sky News that some larger gasoline retailers were reporting that 50% to 90% of their pumps in English cities were running dry.

On Friday, oil giant B.P. said that it had temporarily closed some of its gas stations due to shortages of unleaded and diesel petrol.

“These have been caused by few delays in the supply chain which is impacted by the industry-wide driver shortages across the U.K., and many actions are being taken to address the issue,” a spokesperson said.

“We continue to work with our hauler supplier to minimize any future disruption and to ensure efficient and effective deliveries to serve our customers. We are prioritizing deliveries to sites with the greatest demand and seeking to minimize the duration of stock-outs.”

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