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The U.K. launches new visas for the top graduates around the world

The U.K. launches new visas for the top graduates around the world

June 01, 2022: -Graduates from the top colleges globally, who are early on in their careers, can now apply for a short-term visa to stay and work in the U.K.

The U.K. government says that the people who have graduated, in the previous five years, from one of the eligible leading universities listed on its website are eligible to apply for the “high potential individual” visa U.K. from Monday onwards.

Successful applicants will be given a two-year visa, while those with a Ph.D. will receive a three-year visa. Graduates granted an HPI visa will be able to switch to any different long-term employment visas if they meet the requirements to be eligible.

The partners and children of the graduates can also apply to join or stay with them in the U.K.

The graduates should have a valid passport or another travel document to prove their identity and nationality in order to apply for the visa. It will be available to those eligible regardless of nationality or their birthplace. Applicants will have to prove they have at least a “B1” level of English so that they can communicate with speakers from the U.K. without facing much of difficulties. 

The application fee for the visa is £715 ($904), along with £210 to verify if their qualification is valid, or £252 if they stay in the U.K. itself while applying.

In addition, applicants will have to pay a health care surcharge to use the U.K.’s National Health Service, costing £624 per year they’ll be in the U.K.

Applicants should then prove that they look after themselves by showing they have at least £1,270 in their bank account, though this is subject to exemptions.

Applicants will mostly find out whether they’ve been successful within three weeks if they’re applying from outside the U.K. and eight weeks if they’re already in the U.K. and are switching from another visa.

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