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The worst flooding in decades hits Australia

The worst flooding in decades hits Australia

March 23, 2021: Homes, roads, and livestock have been washed away in Australia as they face its worst flooding in decades.

On Tuesday, parts of New South Wales have seen almost 1m of rain, and more is forecast with the peak coming.

Thousands of people are evacuated, and troops are deployed as the government warned that the floods could be hazardous.

No deaths haven’t reported, which New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Berejiklian called a “miracle given what we have been through.” Scott Morrison, the prime minister, told MPs there was “serious risk still ahead.”

Some 18,000 people are evacuated in the state, a 37-year-old woman in labor who was airlifted after being trapped by Sydney’s flooding west.

In a village south of Port Macquarie, 889mm of rain was recorded between 9 am Thursday, and 9 am Monday.

A Presbyterian minister in Port Macquarie, Scott Donnellan, told the BBC some people had toughed it out when the evacuation orders were released but had to “abandon ship” when the water reached the waist height.

He said the community was pulling together but was expecting “one final punch” from the weather.

The heaviest rainfall for the worst-affected NSW state is expected overnight into Tuesday morning, as two major weather systems collided. The southern coastal areas could be the worst hit this time.

A tweet put out by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said an area as large as Alaska was now being affected by weather warnings.

In all, 10 million people are under warnings in every state and territory except Western Australia.

A low-pressure weather system inundating the NSW coast for days has now been met by another weather system inland that is moving east.

On Tuesday, the bureau has forecast “increased rainfall, strong winds, damaging surf, and abnormally high tides” in New South Wales.

“It may have been going for days, but unfortunately, this situation is far from over,” the bureau said in a tweet.

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