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Apple, the 21st century’s biggest tech giant, recently announced its latest iOS 13.2.2 release, and turns out, it managed to become both, an essential upgrade and a negligent mess. This marked the sixth rapid-fire update from Apple since September, which addresses the well-known performance problems that were first introduced by iOS 13.2. Adding to it, the new release introduces newer performance deteriorating updates and issues. Here is a breakdown of what needs to happen:

According to the company, iOS 13.2.2 will be made available to all iOS 13-compatible Apple devices. This list also includes the iPhone 6S and newer and the current iPod touch 7th generation, while products such as the iPad have been moved to a new dedicated platform: iPadOS that aims to bridge the desktop and mobile experience.

The Influx of Problems

Even though the iOS 13.2.2 update can be considered as an emergency fix, it has created its own set of problems. Despite the supposedly “fix” of the ongoing cellular data and network issues, the update does not appear to be successful, and on the contrary, it has introduced new problems for others previously unaffected devices.

Final Verdict for Apple iOS 13.2.2: Upgrade From iOS 13.2, or Best to Avoid

Unfortunately for Apple fanboys, the new release not only fails to fix the previously introduced bugs it had claimed to address, but it has introduced the impeding problems for the iPhone owners who were “marked safe” until this point. In the meantime, Apple still has a lot of work to do yet in regards with fixing the bugs. That being highlighted, iOS 13 has been crowned the tech giant’s buggiest OS release in years.

What to Expect in the Future?

Being ahead of the curve, Apple has already started beta testing 13.3 publicly, which is speculated to be launched not before December. In addition, experts suggest that we might see a further minor point release (iOS 13.2.3) that will address fixing the Mail, cellular and battery drain problems. If not, the issues will continue to plague existing users who unknowngly installed iOS 13 with extreme enthusiasm.

One of the primary lessons to be learnt by this episode is that tech enthusiasts and regular users must stop blindly leaping to every new iOS release. Until November 15, no further issues have been found with this update, although it already has enough to sink a ship. On the brighter side, Users can expect the new update 13.2.3 sooner rather than much later.

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