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Thousands of Australians march against sexual assault

Thousands of Australians march against sexual assault

March 15, 2021: Thousands of people have turned out to marches in Australia to protest against women’s sexual abuse and harassment in the country.They were spurred by a wave of allegations of sexual assault recently, center in Australia’s parliament.

The allegations focus on scrutiny on the conservative government.

The protests were organized after Attorney-General Christian Porter revealed that he was the subject of a 1988 rape allegation to which he denied.

The case of Brittany Higgins, an ex-political adviser who alleged in February of being raped in a minister’s office in 2019, has also resulted in public anger.

Protesters believe the response of the government to the sexual assault allegations has been inadequate.

On Monday, Ms. Higgins told the protesters outside Parliament House, saying, “There is a horrible acceptance from the society of sexual violence experienced by women in Australia.”

“My story was on the front page for the sole reason that it was a painful reminder to women that if it can happen in Parliament House, it can truly happen anywhere.”

Organizers suggest that it could be the “biggest uprising of women that Australia’s seen.”

Many attendees carried placards and wore black in protest. In Melbourne, protesters held a long banner listing the names of women killed in acts of gendered violence in the past decade.

Organizers at the Canberra rally also presented a petition to lawmakers with over 90,000 signatures calling for greater accountability over sexist behaviors in parliament.

They have also called a senior government minister, Mr. Porter, to stand aside. Police have closed their case against the attorney general, but others have argued for a separate inquiry into the allegation against him.

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