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Tim Cook receives more than 5 million shares of Apple stock worth $750 million

Tim Cook receives more than 5 million shares of Apple stock

August 30, 2021: -On Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook received more than 5 million shares of Apple stock this week, selling most of the store for around $750 million, according to an SEC filing posted by Apple.

The tranche of stock was the final part of Cook’s compensation package when he took over as CEO of Apple 10 years ago.

Last year, he got a new compensation package that runs through 2026. The majority of Cook’s compensation is in the form of restricted stock units.

Cook received the most significant amount of stock he was eligible for under the 2011 agreement, which depended on how the stock of Apple performed compared to other companies in the S&P 500.

According to the filing, Apple was in the top third of companies in the cohort, with a total shareholder return of 191.83% over the past three years, ranking 13th out of 442 companies.

Since Cook became CEO in 2011, Apple stock has risen more than 1,200%.

Earlier this week, Cook donated almost $10 million worth of Apple shares to an unnamed charity, according to an SEC filing.

Cook previously said he would donate his entire fortune to charity. An Apple representative didn’t respond to requests for comment.

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