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Traffic on Meta's Threads is declining as company adds features

August 24, 2023: Traffic on Meta’s Threads is declining as company adds features.

On Tuesday, Facebook’s parent company announced the desktop version of Threads, saying that it will be improved to look more like the mobile app in the coming weeks.

A Meta spokesperson said the company will ” roll out” the web version of Threads for the general public “over the next few days.”

While Threads was quick to sign on users after its introduction in July, the app saw a drop in growth and engagement the following week as its limitations became apparent. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in early August that the company was working on a web version of Threads and a search function, underscoring efforts to make the app more compelling.

Advertisers and influencers previously told CNBC that Threads needs more features, like a search tool and a way to access the app from desktop computers, to be a serious challenger to X, formerly Twitter. Influencers and power users on X often use the app’s desktop version to post comments and share content throughout the day.

Meanwhile, X has been attempting to win back advertisers with new brand safety tools to make companies more comfortable running service ads. Several nonprofit organizations and researchers have documented increased hate speech and racist content since Tesla.

 CEO Elon Musk took control of X in October, claims the company disputes.

Although Zuckerberg recently told analysts on an earnings call that he’s “quite optimistic” about Threads, Meta is not planning to monetize the app until it’s more established.

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