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Transforming Ideas into Reality

Transforming Ideas into Reality | Chris Schmidt

Chris Schmidt

CEO of DKI Canada

Chris Schmidt, CEO of DKI Canada, loves to discuss ideas, strategies, and concepts because that is how you can influence industries and change the trends. Chris considers himself fortunate with DKI that he could surround himself with an excellent team consisting of people who believe in the vision and mission of what they are trying to achieve and work hard daily to execute the strategy. DKI Canada is exceptionally focused on creating value and innovating. “Those are difficult things to do but it fills us with a sense of purpose that our work has meaning. I work hard to communicate my vision, motiviate the team and create an environment where we can all share really honest feedback and evaluate our successes. It takes a team to innovate and we need to create room for mistakes and growth,” says Chris. “That is all part of innovating. The strategy and concept is the fun stuff. The execution is the really, really hard part, but also where all the magic lies.”

Being an innovative leader, Chris seeks inspiration from several different role models, personally and professionally. He deeply admires the grit and passion of DKI Canada’s Members, who are the everyday heroes in their communities. These Members are people who build businesses to help and support others in their most urgent time of need and put their neighbors and community first. “I also look to study people who really stand out in their chosen field. From artists, to athletes, thinkers, and do’ers. In no particular order Seth Godin, Brene Brown, Wayne Gretzky, Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, The Rock, and Elon Musk are some of the first names who come to mind.” Armed with such inspiration, Chris has been leading the company towards new heights.

DKI Canada was created by and for independent restoration contractors who believe in unity to serve the Canadian property restoration industry’s common good. That kind of principle is as solid a foundation as you can have for succeeding in business because it attracts good people. “For us at DKI Canada it all goes back to our purpose. Why we do what we do. Our Members are deeply committed and invested in their communities. Their why, is to help others.” It starts with creating a strong tangible culture and values, empowering the people to act with purpose. A leader in Canadian property restoration, DKI Canada provides services to insurance, commercial and residential clients from coast to coast. Whether it is emergency response, water damage mitigation, fire and contents cleaning, mold remediation, or complete reconstruction, our Members are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. DKI Canada actively contributes to creating a better future through environmental protection and social responsibility. “Focused on leaving things better than we found them, we are committed to using environmentally sustainable cleaning products and mitigating risk in environmentally sustainable ways.” Through incorporating circular economy principles into their strategies that support sustainable development, DKI Canada reduces environmental impact and increases benefits to society and ecosystems.

DKI Members across Canada have invested in training staff to mitigate property in environmentally sustainable ways. This includes utilizing leading restoration processes to diverting waste from landfills and the use of green cleaning products, reducing their carbon footprint, paper, and energy consumption. DKI believes in the importance of sustainability, protecting the environment, health, and safety of the planet, which will allow their employees, customers, and community to excel. “We have shifted to this focus in everything we do. We are enormously proud of our social, economic, and environmental approach to our communities and are committed to maintaining this fundamental core value, now and into the future,” adds Chris.

DKI Canada has a robust in-house innovation and software, development team. Their proprietary software, Complete DRS, is a fully immersive Job Management System created with their Members’ and clients’ expectations in mind. The company’s technology, along with process optimization, ensures a consistent approach to file management nationally. Complete provides exceptional insight into all phases of the assignment. Efficiencies in the restoration process are gained through Proactive WIP & KPI Reporting, 2-way integration with the most common estimating platforms, and their Mobile App, which allow field staff to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities while on site. The company has established key partnerships that will enable them to complete and include live 360 virtual tours from the job site, providing deeper insight, allowing clients to get a good understanding of the loss without attending the site. They are constantly enhancing and improving their technology platforms to ensure they can meet the demands of a fast-changing environment and lead the technology revolution.  

DKI Canada’s nearly 30 years of operation have built and maintained a reputation based on quality, integrity, and outstanding service. The company is firmly focused on sustainability, innovation, and accountability as they seek to create a tangible legacy of purpose and loyalty in the lives of their employees, customers, Members, and the communities they serve. With 87 DKI Member locations from coast to coast, DKI Canada is Canada’s most extensive restoration organization. It ensures consistent national mitigation and remediation services, under both business as usual and catastrophic situations, anywhere, anytime. DKI Members take great pride in their locally established reputation while committing to nationally standardized performance expectations. From this strong sense of local values and national purpose, their slogan Across the Street, Across the Country originated.

All DKI Canada locations are full-service centers capable of servicing all aspects of the claim quickly and effectively. DKI Canada comprises the most significant number of trained and certified, 24/7 emergency response technicians in Canada. They also offer specialty services, including mold remediation, asbestos remediation, contents cleaning, building sanitization & deodorization, and infection control, including COVID- 19 sanitization. DKI Members have been internationally recognized and have won numerous distinguished awards for their work. “Our long-term objective is to engage in partnerships that support improved brand value, and collective benefit to all stakeholders. We believe in always demonstrating our corporate social responsibility by behaving ethically, and sustainably, in all that we do. We are here to help our neighbours in their time of need where ever and when ever disaster strikes,” elucidates Chris.


Chris Schmidt Award

“For us at DKI Canada it all goes back to our purpose. Why we do what we do. Our Members are deeply committed and invested in their communities.”

Chris Schmidt

CEO of DKI Canada

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