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Trump Slammed by UAW President ahead of rally near Detroit

October 03, 2023:United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain reiterated his criticism of former President Donald Trump ahead of Trump’s rally at an auto parts supplier in Michigan.

 Fain, known for his outspoken views, condemned Trump’s history with automotive unions and noted the irony of Trump’s rally at a nonunion company called Drake Enterprises.

Fain expressed skepticism about meeting with Trump, asserting that he believed he prioritized the wealthy’s interests over the working class.

In response to Fain’s comments, a spokesman for Trump criticized the political leadership of some labor unions and their representation of working-class employees. The spokesman emphasized that Trump’s visit aimed to support union workers and protect American jobs, contrasting this with his view of President Biden’s policies.

Trump has previously accused UAW leaders of failing their members and criticized Biden’s stance on electric vehicles. This exchange between Trump, Biden, and the UAW occurre

d during a UAW strike against major automakers like General Motors, Ford Motor, and Stellantis, affecting a significant portion of the union’s membership.

Fain praised President Joe Biden for visiting the UAW picket line on Tuesday, where he spoke alongside the president in Wayne County, Mich.

Fain named Biden’s visit a “great thing” for the union, noting that it was the first time a sitting president had joined a picket line. “That cannot be minimized, it can’t go unnoticed,” Fain said.

Despite Fain’s appreciation for Biden’s visit, the UAW has not yet endorsed a presidential candidate.

“Today was really about our workers,” Fain told Blitzer, and said endorsements would come at the “appropriate time.”

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