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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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TS Imagine Enhances Fixed Income Offering with ICE Bonds Integration

In a strategic move to bolster its fixed-income offerings, TS Imagine, a leading trading technology solutions provider, announced a new collaboration with ICE Bonds, a prominent fixed-income liquidity network. Effective February 2nd, 2024, this integration grants TS Imagine clients seamless access to ICE Bonds’ diverse pool of liquidity and execution protocols, significantly expanding their trading capabilities.

Previously, TS Imagine users, encompassing those utilizing the TS One and TradeSmart OEMS platforms, were limited to specific fixed-income markets. However, the integration with ICE Bonds unlocks access to a broader spectrum of trading opportunities, including municipal and corporate bonds across both ICE TMC and ICE BondPoint platforms. This expanded access encompasses various trading protocols, such as click-to-trade and request for quote (RFQ), catering to diverse trading strategies and preferences.

This partnership offers several advantages for TS Imagine clients. Firstly, the increased liquidity available through ICE Bonds empowers them to source more competitive pricing and potentially improve execution efficiency. Secondly, the wider variety of fixed-income instruments allows for more diversified portfolio construction and potentially enhanced risk management capabilities.


The collaboration also holds strategic significance for both parties. TS Imagine strengthens its position as a comprehensive trading technology provider, catering to the evolving needs of its clients in the fixed-income space. For ICE Bonds, it broadens its reach and further establishes its platform as a key facilitator of fixed-income trades.

While the long-term implications of this partnership remain to be seen, the initial response from industry experts is positive. Analysts anticipate that this integration will benefit both TS Imagine and its clients, potentially leading to increased trading volume and market share for both entities.

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