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U.S. and China can co-exist peacefully, the White House's Kurt Campbell says

U.S. and China can co-exist peacefully, Kurt Campbell says

July 8, 2021: -The U.S. and China can co-exist, and that the relationship should not be viewed as a “new cold war,” said Kurt Campbell, White House coordinator for the Indo-Pacific.

“There will be periods of uncertainty, perhaps even periods of occasionally raised tensions,” he said on Tuesday, according to a press release at an Asia Society event.

“Yes, I do believe that China and the United States can co-exist peacefully,” Campbell said. “But I do think this challenge is going to be enormously difficult for this generation and the next,” Campbell added.

In January, since U.S. President Joe Biden took office, his administration has maintained the tough stance of the preceding Trump administration. Biden called China the “most serious competitor” to the U.S.

On the contentious issue of Taiwan, Campbell reiterated the Biden administration does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country, following the “One China Policy.”

Under Chinese President Xi Jinping, Beijing has more aggressively asserted its claims over Taiwan and pressured other countries and international organizations not to deal with the region independently.

Campbell added Tuesday that the U.S. is “quietly exploring” trade initiatives in Asia.

While the domestic recovery in the U.S. from the coronavirus pandemic remained the administration’s priority, “for the first time in our history, the Indo-Pacific will be the center of our regional focus,” Campbell said.

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