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Understanding Tomorrow’s Business Eco-System | Barry Taitz

Understanding Tomorrow’s Business Eco-System | Barry Taitz

Barry Taitz

Group President

Barry Taitz, Group President, Blue Beat Digital, has always led from the front, even though he came from humble beginnings in a small suburb in Cape Town, South Africa. He has always had the courage of conviction to go out and do whatever it takes. He believes his success comes from setting his intentions to empower and enrich the lives of others, with the outcome being that of wealth creation. Barry’s philosophy in business is not to be an oil tanker, but rather a tugboat. An oil tanker is heavy, slow, and hard to change its course compared to a tugboat, which is small, agile, fast, and very powerful and therefore able to change its direction very quickly. “To navigate a global business, you need to be the tugboat. That way you can change the steer of the direction of the business and adapt to the changing environment like we have experienced globally throughout the Covid pandemic,” says Barry.

This steadfast leader has been strongly influenced by the way Elon Musk leads his company towards productivity. “Having South African roots, he grew up as a young boy with challenges and was labeled a daydreamer. 

Yet today he is a renowned entrepreneur, inventor and change maker not only owning his own multiple innovative companies, but he has also been pushing and transforming the global economy and technologies forward for the better.” Barry was inspired to expand his global business vision for the telecom industry, as he recognized that Musk started just like him. If he can transform the world, then anyone with grit and determination absolutely can.

According to Barry, as a CEO, you are often in the limelight and expected to show direction, guidance, and inspiration; therefore, the margin for error is small. Knowing this he does not view his mistakes as failures but instead acknowledges them as an opportunity to grow and evolve. To overcome some of his challenges as a CEO, he has identified that it is crucial to set boundaries in order to have the energy and time to tackle the company’s priorities and be ahead of the innovation curve. “The highlights of being a CEO is that you are your own boss and therefore you get to make your own decisions. By being at the forefront of Blue Beat Digital it allows for my creative energy to flow freely while having fun and doing things differently at the same time,” explains Barry. “I believe that having wealth amplifies the person that you are, the more abundance there is the more I can share and having the ability to give and decide who I help every day makes me a better person and that is the true measure of my success.” Barry, with his determination, has been leading the company towards great heights.

Establishing Long Term Relationships with Customers

Founded in 2001 in South Africa, the business began with Barry as a one man show traveling into informal and rural areas distributing pre-paid sim cards enabling connectivity, acquiring loyal customers and in the process, he was able to master the skill of distribution into unpenetrated markets and building a strong network of agent teams across the entire country. He was awarded the top overall pre-paid distributor by Vodacom as well as the MTN pre-paid dealer of the year award to name a few. As a leader with passion and always up for a challenge Barry decided to expand his business model globally where he traveled to and researched the U.S pre-paid market and eventually moved his family to the USA and set up headquarters and a warehouse in Tustin, Southern California, to fulfill this dream.

Not long after setting up the business as an online distributor as part of its strategy – the tornado era hit the world with a bang. To survive the tornado of the pandemic Blue Beat Digital had to diversify itself from its core focus as pre-paid sim card and mobile accessory distributor and adapt to become a resourceful PPE distribution company delivering medical supplies such as face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, thermometers, and more right to the doorstep of Americans nationwide.

 “We needed to expand our wholesale online catalog in the wake of the pandemic, offering bulk selections and special pricing for medical facilities and businesses,” says Barry. With the advent of the pandemic, the company worked towards providing the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a short time, addressing challenges, and catering to urgent orders. From the outset of the pandemic, they identified that there would potentially be stock issues due to demand and urgency. The company, therefore, planned that there might be multiple delays with channel lines from China. So, if an order was for 100 000 x 3 ply masks, they ordered stock from 5 different suppliers. “We contacted multiple channels for supplies such as airfreighting or sea freighting from South Africa, China, Taiwan and Dubai. We even bought stock from local suppliers,” explains Barry. “Some we got at a very good price and some at a much higher price so that we had every chance at making sure that the pipeline was always filled and in stock. Our long-term view was not about making profit but saving lives. As an immigrant I felt it was my duty to use my global sourcing ability to make a difference to the lives of the American people. “If you going to make a difference in this world and you have the ability, resources and the funds to do so, that is where your superpower as an entrepreneur can be utilized as a tool to set an example of choosing to put lives first over profit.” At this time Blue Beat Digital started a “million mask donation challenge” which was amazingly supported and effective.  They invited all wholesalers in and near California to choose Blue Beat as their primary source for PPE equipment.

Barry and his team believe in cultivating partnerships based on supporting other local small businesses to remain successful. This translated into a trusting relationship with wholesalers and customers alike for future business transactions.

As a leader in the mobile distribution industry, the company is continuously looking for common ground between their organization and customers, intending to create a sense of unity and a dream team environment. “When we receive feedback from customers, we give it our full attention and listen carefully, resisting the impulse to react before making any true and fair evaluation,” adds Barry. “It is essential to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for the feedback as this tends to result in a revitalized performance mindset for our dealers who are the custodians of our distribution network.”

Through focus, intention setting, and cutting out the mental clutter, the company can be more efficient and effective, which increases their ability to achieve the company objectives, goals, and targets. Barry’s motto is, “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me.” “It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, it doesn’t matter what happened 10 minutes ago, or what your competitors are doing, but if you want to create a life of success it is 100% up to you.”

Towards the Future

Blue Beat has made it a priority to master the art of getting and holding the attention of their customers by recognizing and comprehending how to communicate to the market and, in turn, evolving them from a once off purchase to a loyal customer with lower churn and longevity and therefore a higher ROI.

By realizing that it starts with the ability as a company to get the customer’s attention by cutting through the noise and creating and shifting mindsets from the norm – Anything is possible when you know how to influence your market positively and ethically.

“We believe that today’s version of influence on the customer is being able to feel and experience the brand and go beyond the limitations of reaching a customer. One of our exciting ventures is that we are currently sponsors of the drifting race events across different continents,” says Barry. “Being in the heart of the communities, building their trust and being part of their culture has allowed us to build our eagle of freedom and continue to evolve, protect and future proof our business and in turn doing the same for any other brands eco-system. Blue Beat Digital we have arrived. Join us in discovering the beyond.

Barry Taitz award

“By being at the forefront of Blue Beat Digital it allows for my creative energy to flow freely while having fun and doing things differently at the same time.. ”

Barry Taitz

Group President of Blue Beat Digital

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